Last Days in Melbourne & Saying Goodbye to my first Friends here | Diary 004

Monday 1/10

The first day of October started very slow. I really needed some sleep after the weekend and so I had breakfast at the hostel, worked on my laptop, wrote blog posts, chatted, watched a movie and later strolled a bit though Brunswick Street as Sabrina had some things to do there. I spotted so many cafés and bistros that I would like to go… there is soo much to discover and try in Fitzroy.


In the evening we walked to ‘Lentils as Anything’ in Abbotsford (about 30 minutes from our hostel in Fitzroy) the most awesome vegan restaurant! They are a chain with 6 locals in Melbourne and one in Sydney who are runned by volunteers. They have an all vegan buffet for lunch and 4 meals for dinner that vary every day. You eat whatever you want and pay whatever you think it was worth it. With 15$ you cover 2 main dishes and dessert – which is super cheap for eating out, vegan, amazingly delicious food! I am for sure going back!

We tried all the dishes they had that day and they were all amazing. I couldn’t decide which was my favourite as they were all unbelievable yummy! (You can find out what we ate there in my next What I Eat in a Day)


Tuesday 2/10

Tuesday was the last full day with our Aussie friends. We woke up early to watch the sunrise from the rooftop of our hostel. Sadly, it was very cloudy and you couldn’t see much of the pretty sunrise colours.

Afterwards I went for a run in the park nearby and did a little workout and stretching afterwards and it felt so good! This was my first workout in Australia and I could feel that my body really missed the moving and sweating in the morning and I’ll try to do that more often from now on. But it is hard sometimes while travelling…


For Lunch, James (one of the Aussie’s) persuaded Sabrina and me to go out and have Asian food on Brunswick Street. Originally I didn’t want to go out for food that often, as it is much more expensive than cooking in the hostel, but it is also so much fun to have yummy food with friends (especially when they eat vegan as well) and there are soo many awesome vegan places to eat in Melbourne…

I had a vegan noodle salad bowl with tofu which tasted great & healthy as well.

Afterwards we had to run some errands (get our Australian bank cards). In the afternoon it was soup night at our hostel and we ate carrot soup before going to a pub for a trivia night, which was a lot of fun and ice cream (apparently the best in town) afterwards. I got vegan coconut and chocolate which was the best combination ever!


Wednesday 3/10

On Wednesday Sabrina and I had to say goodbye to our friends and spend the day exploring East Brunswick which was kinda boring and I was super tired afterwards from all the walking. We found an amazing Vintage store that sells hundreds of vintage Levis’s and I already know that I have to come back to Melbourne with an empty suitcase and shop in all the amazing thrift and vintage shops! :D

Because we slept in we didn’t ate breakfast and started right away with a yummy veggie Bolognese pasta and for dinner we had some left Bolognese with lots of spinach and hummus in a wrap. You will find the recipes to these amazing meals in my next What I Eat in a Day!


Thursday 4/10

Thursday was my last day in Melbourne for now (I’ll go back hopefully!) and I still haven’t made it to St. Kilda! I always wanted to go but delayed it every time because I wanted to do different things first :D So sadly the weather wasn’t that nice but I went anyways and I’ll probably go back in a few weeks when the weather is better.

Originally, I planned to do a free walking tour, like I did in the Melbourne city centre, but I missed the group or nobody was there – I don’t know. So I walked through the streets on my own, found some cute cafés and a bulk store that I had to check out obviously.

Afterwards, I went to the Botanical Garden and sat down to eat, read and enjoy my time alone.

On my way to the beach, I found a very special place: Veg Out Community Garden. An urban garden where people have small spaces to plant their own flowers and veggies and it was so beautiful there, I really fell in love with this place!


Because the weather wasn’t great, very grey, windy and cold, I decided to just walk past the beach and the pier to get to my tram station and drive back home.

That’s it for my time in Melbourne! I really fell in love with the city and enjoyed the 2,5 weeks a lot – now I’m off to the Great Ocean Road!

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