Rest Week in Adelaide | Diary 005

As Adelaide isn’t a huge city and hasn’t many sights and things to do, I was happy to enjoy most of my five days very relaxed with another German girl I met on my Great Ocean Road Tour.

The evening we got to Adelaide after our tour, we had the best Ice Cream in the World (voted 2017) and I talked about that in my last post as well.


In Adelaide, I stayed at the Tequila Sunrise Hostel*. It is located perfectly central, only a 5-minute walk to the main shopping streets as well as the huge park area. My room was pretty small, but as the communal area was huge and they had some extra couches and tables to work at upstairs, I didn’t need to spend a lot of time in there. The kitchen was the cleanest I’ve had until now and they have many kitchen utensils you only wish to find in other hostels like mixers, peeler or proper sharp cutting knives. The bathrooms where alright and I could imagine that they will get renovated soon as there was some construction and renovation going on in the hostel at the moment.


Monday 8/10

I started my first day in Adelaide slowly. Slept in and went for a morning run in the park. The cool thing about Adelaide is, that the centre is surrounded by a circle park area and I had a lovely running route along the river, with space to stretch and workout.

Afterwards, I had to organize some things on my laptop. Save pictures, write my diary, book flights and accommodations for the next few weeks and get my Australian bank account working.


I went for a stroll in the park and later met with two of my travel mates from the Great Ocean Road. We went food shopping and had a lovely picnic in the park at the riverside and talked a lot.

It is always fun to get to know so many people in such a short amount of time – that’s why I love going on tours! We all have our different lives at home but experience the same adventure called Australia at that time.

At night I did laundry and just watched YouTube in bed. After the three exciting and eventful days on the GOR I really needed some rest, chilling and sleep.


Tuesday 9/10

On Tuesday I worked out again and had a big oatmeal for breakfast as I found oats in the free food shelve in the hostel – lucky day! I really missed my porridge and I’m now eating it daily again.


Afterwards, I met Meike to go to the market and we were completely impressed by Adelaide’s Central Market. Many great fruit & veggie market stalls, you can often try apples or mandarins or sugar cane juice. The food court offers amazing options and everything looked so yummy: homemade pasta, freshly baked bread, different cheese and meat, Asian food, cakes, biscuits and tarts as well as healthy juices and smoothie bowls or raw slices.


In the afternoon we worked side by side on our laptops and as the weather was shit we stayed inside watching YouTube and had a yummy Wrap night!


Wednesday 10/10

The next day started again with more working and planning. Later I met Meike and a German woman (who has been travelling for two years now!) and we strolled through the shopping streets.


In a Mall, we had a late lunch/early dinner Pho as we were super hungry and bought some vegan Ben & Jerry’s afterwards as dessert.

This was my first vegan Ben & Jerry’s in the flavour Peanut Butter & Cookies and I really liked it, but it could not compete with my favourite Ben & Jerry’s (with caramel). When my family visits me in December, I’ll for sure try all the other flavours!


As it was Meike’s birthday, we met in a pub to have some drinks and talked a lot. I really was impressed by how many interesting people you meet on your travels and I love it!


Thursday 11/10

This morning we had to get up early, ate the free pancakes in the hostel and took a bus north to Port Adelaide to go Kayaking with dolphins.

It was an overall fun experience and we saw seven dolphins in total, two very close to our Kayak and two that even jumped out of the water!


As it was pretty exhausting to kayak against the wind (and we weren’t very good paddlers :D) we had lunch in the sun and drove back to the hostel afterwards.


For dinner, we had wraps again because we got to take the leftovers from our GOR Tour and saved some money which was great and chilled and watched YT again in the afternoon.


Friday 12/10

On Friday I worked out again, went for a run and stretched afterwards (which is always a little bit weird to do in public, but I already got used to it) and had porridge again for breakfast.

Afterwards, Meike and I had to run some errands: going to the post to send a package with warm clothes from Meike to Germany and then we took the tram to the beach.




It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed the sun, talked a lot and observed people passing by at the beach. I had a fresh green juice and showed Meike how awesome the vegan burgers at Lord of the Fries are.


Doesn’t this look as it’s painted?

We watched the amazing sunset, took hundreds of pictures, had wraps for dinner again and back at the hostel I just packed and got ready for my Outback Tour that started early the next day.


So stay tuned for my review about the Red Center and my biggest adventure so far!

*Disclaimer: I got a discount for my booking at Tequila Sunrise Hostel. I am obviously still 100% honest with all my recommendations and info about it.

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