Exploring Bali – Amed, Ubud, Lovina, Canggu, Seminyak

This is part 2 of my Indonesia travel guide and report of our one month trip through Indonesia. We started on Bali, went to Nusa Penida, Lombok and did a boat tour around the Komodo Islands for five days – so if you want to read about that and don’t miss anything from our Indonesia trip, head to part 1 first!



So after our five-day boat tour ended on Lombok, we had one more night before we headed back to Bali, to be exact: to Amed, by fastboat.

We stayed in Amed for a few nights and really just relaxed after the adventurous days on the boat tout. We had a really nice massage, snorkelled in the bay in Amed and also went to the Japanese Ship Wreck to snorkel there which was so cool! (second video)


I can highly recommend Amed, if you are looking for a quieter place. More relaxed, families, lots of divers and chilled people and not much partying and clubbing going on.

The city is on the east side of Bali and basically spread along the coast, which is why it’s the paradise for divers as there are so many bays and riffs.

There is not really any of these fancy famous restaurants or cafés in Amed but we still found some nice places to eat, nothing special and more local.

Sunset Beach, Amed

How we went places

Anna and I both had no experience driving a scooter and we figured that Bali’s traffic was not the best place to try. Next time, I would definitely want to get a scooter to go places and be able to explore more, but at that time we didn’t feel safe doing it.

Also, we had quite a lot of bags and it would have been a big struggle to take everything with us, especially when we’re not good drivers.

That’s why we always booked a private driver when we had to move to the next city and that was still pretty cheap, very comfy and practical.

In the towns, we always tried to walk most distances, which isn’t really safe either (probably even more dangerous as most of the times there is no walkway). Or we took a GoJack / Uber scooter, where you ride on the back and the local driver really knows how to ride this crazy traffic :D



From Amed, we went to Ubud and stayed right in the centre in a really beautiful AirBnB / Homestay called ‚The White House‘ with a really nice garden and pool area and super cute little bungalow rooms.

Ubud is a really busy but also a very nice area in the middle of the jungle and rice fields, that is popular for its hippie and yogi vibe.



We can highly recommend looking for things to do on AirBnB! We did a batic class and made our own colourful cloth.


If you like Yoga, or want to try it out, we can also highly recommend ‚The Yoga Barn‘ where you can book in for one single class or get a pass for several classes or even do Yoga retreats and teacher trainings there.

The room we practised in had huge windows and it felt like practising in the jungle and the Yoga teacher was really great as well.


We also did a rafting tour which was a lot of fun and so great to see the beauty of nature from the river! I can highly recommend doing it.



There is also so many good restaurants in Bali. As everything is super hippie, there is so many health food cafés and fancy foodie places that we tested.

We went to ‚KAFE‘ several times and loved it there! The card is so huge and full of delicious stuff that it was so hard to decide what to order and we had to come back. They have some really delicious smoothies, a lot of vegan & healthy food and really great iced mocca and coffee.


We can also highly recommend the ‚Atman Nourish Kafe‘ which is a completely vegan place that has so many delicious options (perfect to convince someone that vegan is delicious!) and I really loved their gluten-free pizza!


When in Ubud, you also have to do the Campuhan Ridge Walk. The best time would be just before sunset for the perfect light over the hills!

Monkey Forest is also really famous and it was nice to go there – just so we’ve been there, but not really that epic. We’ve seen lot’s of monkeys before and you basically see them everywhere, but it’s still a nice thing to do.


It is also really fun to do a coffee and tea tasting on a plantation. There is so many around Ubud and it is great to taste all different kinds of coffee and tea they make and sell there. You can also try the worlds most expensive coffee (about 8€ per cup, so not that expensive), where the coffee beans get digested by wild cats :D sounds weird but tastes really good!


The North – Lovina

Our next stop was Lovina, which is in the north of Bali. Not super touristy and crowded at it is a bit further away, but if you have time, I really would recommend you to go there!


We stayed in a beautiful AirBnB ‚Oaza Bali Bungalows‘ with a pool and not far from ‚Spice Beach Bar‘ a beach club that we spend 1 days at – just relaxing, sunbathing, reading and enjoying.

The highlight in Lovina is, that you can go on a sunrise boat tour to see and swim with dolphins (video 3). A tiny boat takes you out to find a big family of dolphins and then you get to go in the water and see them underwater. It was such a magical experience and definitely one of my favourites in Bali!

I’ve always dreamt of swimming with dolphins and did not expect this to happen on Bali.


Temple, Waterfall & Rice Terrace Tour

Another one of our favourite days where we got to see so so many famous places of Bali. Because we had no scooter, we couldn’t ride around and visit any places outside the cities, so we booked a tour over AirBnB where a private driver took us around all the beautiful places that we wanted to see.

IMG_8434 (3)IMG_8420IMG_8456

Our first stop was the famous ‚Gate of Heaven‘ that we really wanted to go to because it just looks so so beautiful. The funny thing is though: it doesn’t actually look like that in real life :D There is no lake, they take a mirror to reflect the sky and you also have to wait about one hour in a line to get your minute of standing in the gate and getting your picture taken. Still worth it though in my opinion – it is so beautiful!


Next stop was the water palace. Another really famous and picture-worthy place and really so beautiful in real life as well.


Then we went to two waterfalls that were really nice, but so so crowded that we couldn’t even take a nice picture without anyone in the back :D Oh well!


The last stop was the ‚Tegallalang Rice Terraces‘. The most famous and most photographed rice fields. On pictures, they probably look even better at sunset/sunrise but live they were beautiful anyways!

Another brekkie at ‚Crumb & Coaster‘


Our last few days together where spend in Canggu. Shopping, strolling around, watching surfers and having a surf lesson as well, enjoying cheap eating out, getting massages and all that good stuff.


Bali has so so many nice places for shopping. Local wood art and dishes, bamboo interior, beautiful swimwear and clothes in general! Next time I’ll bring only one dress and a bikini and shop a whole new closet and interior for my future home :P


One of the best pizza crust I’ve ever had at ‚Luigi’s Hot Pizza‘ in Canggu. They also have vegan cheese and the place is really cool!


Our last breakfast together at ‚The Avocado Factory‘. Anna left a few days earlier and I stayed in a hostel by myself to reflect, spend some more time solo, think about my whole year of travelling and everything that happened before going home.


I went to Yoga classes every day at ‚Yoga 108‘ which I highly recommend! It was so much fun and the people there are really nice.


I took myself out for breakfast by myself a lot. Might be totally weird to some, but I actually enjoy being alone sometimes – just not too often. And if I felt lonely, I loved listening to podcasts. It’s like listening to a friends conversation while eating :D

But I also felt lonely at some points. That’s part of travelling solo as well.

IMG_8784 (5)IMG_8733IMG_8699

‚Shelter Café‘ was by far my favourite place! The spirulina smoothie was heaven, the wrap amazing and the vegan waffle to die for…


I also went to ‚Peloton Super Shop‘ and ‚KYND‘ by myself for dinner or breakfast. Two very famous vegan foodie places.

The food part is definitely one of the main reasons to go (back) to Bali! It is a foodie heaven and looking at this now really makes me want to go back ASAP :P

IMG_8773 (4)

I really enjoyed the last few days, not as much as my time with Anna, but I still made the most of it and really took the time to myself, reflect, meditate, yoga and soak up the last bits of sunshine.

I mean – look at me – don’t I look super zen, relaxed and tanned :D


That’s it! That was my time in Bali… And now, take me back please!

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