Creamy Vegan „Cheese“-Sauce – Leckere Gesunde Käsesauce aus Gemüse

Mag für den ein oder anderen vielleicht komisch klingen, aber schmeckt tatsächlich richtig toll! Cremig, gesund, vegan, voller Nährstoffe und super schnell gemacht – „Käse“-Sauce aus Gemüse.

Ideal für Nacho’s, Taco’s, als Nudelsauce, für Salate, Bowls, Aufläufe und alles andere, wo der geschmolzene Käse das Tüpfelchen auf dem i wäre. Einfach mal ausprobieren und selbst überzeugen, dass das wirklich schmeckt!

Ich habe für das Rezept mein allererstes IGTV Video gefilmt und geschnitten und würde mich riesig freuen wenn ihr mir auf @mind.wanderer etwas Liebe dafür hinterlasst, ebenso wie Tipps für Verbesserungen oder Ideen und Wünsche für weitere Videos. Danke!

Und hier geht’s zum niedergeschriebenen Rezept zum nachkochen:


  • 1 kleine Süßkartoffel
  • 3-4 Kartoffeln
  • 2 Möhren
  • 1 Zwiebel
  • 2 Knoblauch Zehen
  • Gemüsebrühe
  • 3 EL Nährhefeflocken (Nutritional Yeast, gibt’s im Bio-Laden und ist unverzichtbar für den käsigen Geschmack in diesem Rezept)
  • eine handvoll Cashews, eingeweicht (hatte ich diesmal nicht, würde es allerdings noch besser machen)
  • Salz, Pfeffer, Kurkuma, Chilli, Paprika, Curry
  • 1 TL mittelscharfer Senf
  • 1 TL Ketchup


Und so wird’s gemacht

  • Gemüse waschen, schälen und in kleine Würfel schneiden. In einem kleinen Topf mit gerade so viel Wasser bedecken wie nötig und Gemüsebrühe hinzugeben. Köcheln lassen und hin und wieder umrühren.
  • Zwiebel und Knoblauch schälen und kleinschneiden und kurz bevor das restliche Gemüse gar ist ebenfalls mitkochen lassen.
  • Mit einem Pürierstab alles zu einer cremigen Masse mixen.
  • Senf und Ketchup, ebenso wie die Nährhefeflocken hinzugeben und mit den Gewürzen abschmecken.

Über Salat und gedünstetem Gemüse und Kichererbsen – wie ich es gemacht habe servieren oder als Käsesauce für Tacco’s, Nacho’s, Burritos, Aufläufe oder auch Nudeln verwenden!

Wenn ihr es etwas leichter haben wollt, probiert doch mal Blumenkohl anstelle der normalen Kartoffeln! Dann habt ihr noch mehr Vitamine und Gemüse gleich in der Sauce, ohne das es jemandem Auffällt :D


Ich hoffe euch hat mein IGTV Video gefallen (auch wenn es noch nicht so professionell ist :D) und ihr habt Lust noch mehr davon zu sehen, denn mit hat das Produzieren richtig viel Spaß gemacht!

Habt ihr Ideen, Vorschläge oder Verbesserungswünsche? Dann gerne her damit! Ich freue mich immer über Anregungen :)

Habt ihr schon mal Käsesauce aus Gemüse probiert? Oder wollt es jetzt mal probieren?


Life Update – Starting to Work, YouTube, My Plans

My best friend gave me the tip to make a YouTube video talking a bit about myself, what I am doing and what my plans are for new people on my blog and youtube… so here it is!

I thought it would be a good idea to share a little life update because I am not writing my travel diary anymore and you might get confused on what is going on and where I am atm because I am still working on blog post topics from my previous travels, even though I am working right now.

I also wanted to give you an idea on my job and there is a little blog post about finding jobs in Australia and my job coming soon as well, so if you have questions that I need to talk about in that post please message me!

Do you think it’s unnecessary for me to post a blog post when I post a video? I just feel like nobody would find it if I don’t… Do you follow me on YouTube yet? 


Roadtrip to Wilsons Promontory & Phillip Island, Victoria | Back in Melbourne + Vintage Shopping

I had the biggest urge to go back to Melbourne. I could literally hear it calling me to come back again before I leave back to Germany and I couldn’t and didn’t want to resist.

Melbourne is one of my favourite places in Australia and its definitely on the same ranking level as Sydney. I love the vibe, the coffee shops and cafés, the amazing Vintage stores and the alternative places in Brunswick. And it has an extra special place in my heart because I met two amazing people there and we spend a few wonderful days together that I will forever keep in my memory.

So before I started my new job I decided spontaneously to just book a flight and spend another week in Victoria knowing that my friend James (that I met over 6 months ago in Melbourne and haven’t seen since then) would come over from Adelaide as well. And it was a big miracle that my other friend Sabrina from Italy (that I saw in between in Surfers Paradise in January) just texted me a few days before and said that she is going to be in Melbourne for one day as well. What a crazy coincidence!

I had two days to myself in Melbourne that I also vlogged and spend mostly shopping and strolling through the amazing Vintage shops and boutiques, spending time with myself cooking, reading and drinking tea, going to a café by myself and just enjoying the city.

I hope you enjoyed the vlog and like my videos! Feel free to give me suggestions to better or ideas to talk about in my videos. I really want to get more into YouTube and videos as I really enjoy it.  

This video is actually my favourite and (in my opinion) the best video I made so far. Not really because the clips are that nice and cinematic or anything (more the opposite :D ) but just how natural it felt for me to film and talk. So I hope you like it too!


This was the cutest store I went to! 100% interior goals and the cutest jewellery. It’s called Folkstore and you can see more of it in my video and also what I bought there.

I have a thing for beautiful dishes and tableware. Especially when it’s handmade and unique. Pity that it’s also so freaking expensive and not really handy to take with you as a Backpacker :D


My hostel-cooked dinner: fresh spinach and rocket with wholemeal spaghetti and a tomato sauce made of canned crushed tomatoes, onion and carrot.


Two achievements from my shopping day 1: a black vintage Levi’s mom jeans and a beautiful ring.



My favourite Avo smash toast that I needed to eat again in Melbourne. Find out where you get it and more Melbourne food tips in this blogpost!


Reunited with my first friend I made here in Australia. Crazy to think that that’s already 7 months ago…

I also tried a new place to eat: Vegie Bar and I had a vegan Pizza which was really good!



And I also had t go back to Lentils as Anything because I fell in love the last time and it was almost as good again! We had such a good night talking a lot and it felt like we never left Melbourne and spread apart.

Roadtrip to Wilsons Promontory & Phillip Island

Me and my friend James rented a campervan for 3,5 days to go on a little adventure road trip to the south-east of Melbourne.

We had the best three days even though the weather wasn’t that great and we didn’t explore much, but we just enjoyed the time together in our cool camper. It was that great that we decided to do another, longer one up the East Coast from Noosa to Cairns (and further north) in June and I am already looking forward to that.



Breakfast in the van. Not outside because it was rainy most of the time, but really cozy and comfy inside the van.


First, we drove to Wilsons Promontory and we wanted to hike and explore a lot. Unfortunately, the weather was pretty grey, foggy and rainy but the hike up the mountains is supposed to be really beautiful and you have an awesome view over the national park (when it’s not foggy at least :D ).


But we were lucky to get some sunshine in the afternoon and did a bushwalk to see wallabies, wombats (my first wild ones) and beautiful colourful birds.


Behind the scenes of the picture above :P


Our afternoon view playing cards and watching the sunset.


This trip made me realise again how awesome camper life is and now I really want to do that more often and have my own van in a few year to travel Europe and make weekend trips as often as I can.

IMG_4182 (1)

After Wilsons Promontory we drove to Philipp Island. A little island, not far from Melbourne with beautiful beaches, crystal blue water and awesome sunsets over the water.


We probably had the best ever view over the ocean, relaxing in our bed, windows and doors open, enjoying the sun and watching the sunset.


Our days consisted of driving, talking, listening to music, cooking and eating, reading, playing cards, walking through nature and watching out of our camper windows – just enjoying life.


This trip has been my favourite road trip I did so far and I am so looking forward to renting a camper again and go explore!

Do you like van life as well? What do you enjoy most about it? What has been your favourite road trip so far and what is still on your bucketlist?