2018 – My Year of Big Change

The last year changed my life completely. 2018 was my year of big changes. It started and ended with a family vacation, but everything in between is not at all how it was before.


The first months of 2018 were filled with school, exams, learning, working. But I also took lots of time to spend with my friends and family.


I turned 18 at the beginning of the year. And even though this means being an adult, I didn’t felt a big change…luckily. Driving a car on my own, without having to have one of my parents next to me was the biggest difference I could feel.


In April I finally had my last day of school. Celebrated and enjoyed with my friends and making one of the last school memories together. Then the preparations for the final exams started and in the end, I can say: it sounded more difficult and challenging than it was. We all made it – we all celebrated our High School graduation.

And that was the biggest change of 2018: stopping to work on things that I need to know, need to do when someone wants it, to do what I love and choose for myself. I can finally use my time however I wish to. I finally spend my days doing things I love, enjoy, that are bringing me closer to my goals and that I truly want.


After I enjoyed the summer in Europe at home and in Portugal for two weeks, worked in a beer garden and café for a while and spend as much time with my family and friends as I could, I started the journey I have dreamt of since I was 14 years old.


I went to Australia. With a huge backpack on my shoulders and so much excitement for what is about to come. Facing the biggest adventure of my life, all by myself and knowing that I would learn, grow, experience and meet many new people along the way.

There will soon be a blog post about celebrating New Year’s in Sydney and all the tips I have for you!

And my year still ended with my family by my side. I was lucky enough to have them over in OZ for three weeks over Christmas and New Year’s.

So this was my year 2018! I take a lot of amazing memories, lessons I learned, new and old friends, pictures I took and more excited for what is to come into 2019!


Plans for 2019

In the last year, I wrote down goals that I want to archive. But even though I am a hard working person and I like to get things done, learn, grow and improve, it is hard to keep up with long-term goals. I just never know how and where to start. I rather like to tick many things off my to-do list and get things done to feel accomplished and productive. So this year I want to set myself a big to-do list / daily/weekly goals that are easier to keep up with.

IMG_7868 (5)

My To-Do List for 2019

  • Eat healthy! Which means: vegan, lots of veggies and especially greens, wholesome products, minimal produced food, good amount of protein, drinking at least two litres of water/tea
  • Be active! Go for walks, hikes, bike rides, swims, dance, stretch, do yoga, clean, cook or bake in the kitchen, take pictures – try to limit sitting that is not necessary for eating or working


  • Spread positivity! Be happy, grateful, thankful, loving, caring, kind, helpful, nice. Pamper yourself, do things that make you feel happy and loved, love yourself, care for yourself so you can take care of others, practice gratitude, spread positivity
  • Be me! Not afraid of other peoples opinions, doing what I desire to, not being shy because I might have different opinions or values than others, don’t overthink your decisions too much


  • Make a positive impact on the world! Eat vegan, buy only vegan & cruelty free products, don’t support animal cruelty, use only minimal plastic, buy from sustainable brands, support local agriculture and businesses, use re-useable products, buy less and also: talk about these topics with people you meet, your friends and family, make people think and hopefully improve and change to the better, be a good example, inspire people



  • Work towards your big goals in life! Read books, blogs, educate yourself, practice, practice, practice, work hard, put in effort and heart, take opportunities, go for it


  • Workout! At least 4 times a week. Whatever you fancy: go for runs, hikes, bike rides, swims, home workouts – at least you sweat, breath heavy and feel it in your body. But especially work on building muscles, let them burn, let them grow, tone and strengthen.
  • Stretch and do Yoga regularly! Stretch after every workout as well as stretch and do yoga for a peaceful mind, to move your body in between working at the desk, to stretch your sore muscles and to get more flexible
  • Set goals and write to-do lists for the week! To keep on track, keep focused and organised, to work towards the big goals, to be productive
  • Upload 3 blog posts per week with interesting content that has value


  • Do a surf camp and learn to surf
  • Be an AuPair
  • Find a job in a health food café, organic store or somewhere else that I like
  • Live at the coast, in an apartment near the ocean, with a balcony to have breakfast outside
  • Film and edit more, upload videos on YouTube, make vlogs
  • Write an eBook
  • Travel and enjoy Australia, travel the East Coast
  • Get a tattoo and a third ear piercing
  • Declutter and sell my closes and build a minimal wardrobe with great timeless pieces
  • Do skydiving
  • Ride a horse at the beach
  • Snorkel more
  • Travel and explore Bali
  • Test many healthy vegan cafés and restaurants or dishes
  • Do a retreat on Bali
  • Do Yoga in Bali
  • Do a Yoga class on the beach
  • appreciate and enjoy being home and around my family and friends
  • Enjoy having a kitchen to myself, all the ingredients I need and try out new recipes, make recipe videos, create recipes, take beautiful food photos
  • Start studying
  • Get my own apartment or a shared apartment, design it minimalistic and beautiful
  • Make my blog into a business, more professional, consistent, interesting, incorporate YouTube videos, improve writing and photography
  • find and connect with people that share the same interests, values, thoughts etc.


What do you think about New Year’s Plans? Did you set some for yourself? What are you excited about in 2019?

Places I want to Travel to

If you’ve been following me for a while you’d know that I loved writing Bucketlist Travel Posts and present some beautiful places that I want to visit one day. But for these posts, I always used Pinterest pictures from strangers and now that the data protection regulation is more strict, I deleted them all from my blog.

So from now on, I am only going to show you places that blogger / Instagrammer that I follow have visited, so I can use their pictures and have a proper source and I hope I am allowed to do so – if you know better please let me know!

picture source: @morton_mac

Palawan, Philippines

I never heard of this island before but Palawan is part of the Philippines and on the west. It is a very long but narrow and looks like paradise – am I right? Crisp turquoise water, beautiful wild nature to explore, long white sand beaches and nobody except you. That’s probably the main reason why I want to go to the Philippines so badly. It is still very underrated and unspoiled.

picture source: @hilvees


I haven’t been to any Scandinavian country but my dream is to rent a campervan and explore Norway ( & Sweden & Finnland & Danmark) for a longer period of time and really see a lot of the beauty they have to offer. A family member of mine has done a kayak tour in Sweden for a week and that sounds super fun and adventurous as well!

picture source: @mvb

New York

I could never imagine living in such a big city, but I would love to experience the N.Y. vibe for some weeks – not just being on vacation and going to the popular places but really soaking that special atmosphere in and exploring some more unknown places.

That’s really what I want all my travels to be: longer than necessary to see all the touristy stuff so I can experience the place a bit more like a local. Hopefully, I will be able to do so in the future when I have a job and a family – but that’s what I really want, so I need to find a job that works with that life I want to live!

picture source: @gypsea_lust

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Another little paradise on earth that I would love to visit, maybe for my honeymoon :D Bora Bora reminds me of the Maldives with all the water bungalows which isn’t usually my thing because I am not a huge fan of hotels and many touristy people on one place, but I mean – it’s still a little paradise and I am sure I would love it anyways! I think traveling should be a mixture of both: rest and adventure.

picture source: @eljackson

New Zealand

Another absolutely stunning country that I am super stoked to explore with a camper! All this breathtaking nature and amazing views. I would love to hike through the mountains, swim in the lakes and explore. Maybe I’ll do another work & travel year but in New Zealand – who knows?

Which places do you want to visit? Where are you going to soon? What is on your bucket list?

Gleich ist Nicht Jetzt

Ich bin organisiert. Ich habe einen Plan. Meine To-Do Listen sind immer voll. Meine Gedanken schweigen nie. Mein Gehirn macht keine Pause.

Und trotzdem erwische ich mich selbst immer wieder bei unnützen Dingen – damit meine ich nicht unproduktive, aber schöne Dinge des Lebens, sondern die falschen, wirklich unnützen Zeitverschwendungen.

Foto 30.09.17, 13 54 45.jpg

„Ist ja nur ein kurzes Video“

„Oh XY hat einen neuen Blogpost, den kann ich ja vorher noch lesen.“

„Nur kurz ein paar Pins pinnen.“

„Ach ich könnte noch schnell mal meine E-Mails checken.“

Foto 30.09.17, 14 48 43.jpg

Aber damit rieselt mir die Zeit wie Sand durch die Hände und ich bekomme es nicht einmal mit, bis ich auf die Uhr gucke und schon wieder eine halbe Stunde verflogen ist. All diese Apps auf den Handys und Favoriten auf meinem Laptop entziehen mir die Zeit für Dinge die ich wirklich machen will und machen muss.

Ihr habt schon mehrfach auf meinem Blog zu lesen bekommen, dass mir die Zeit zum täglichen am Blog arbeiten fehlt, da die Schule meine Nachmittage und Abende in Anspruch nimmt und das stimmt auch. Aber trotzdem gibt es immer wieder Situationen, in denen ich mich dabei erwische, wie ich meine Zeit „falsch“ nutze. Natürlich ist es auch anstrengend nach einem langen Schultag noch mehr zu Schreiben und zu Denken als ohnehin schon, aber letztendlich macht es mir diese Arbeit hier Spaß und etwas Überwindung und Motivation gehört an solchen Tagen eben auch dazu.

Foto 30.09.17, 14 46 55.jpg

Foto 30.09.17, 14 13 51

Deswegen nehme ich mir vor:
  • Mich mehr auf mich konzentrieren! Weniger Videos / Blogposts / Fotos von anderen anzusehen und zu lesen und meine wenige Zeit auf meine eigene Arbeit verwenden. Natürlich gehört die Kommunikation und das gegenseitige Austauschen von Kommentaren ebenfalls zum Bloggen, aber wenn ich dadurch selbst zu wenig an meinem Blog mache, hat es auch keinen Zweck.
  • Meine Zeit effektiv nutzen! Zuerst die Aufgaben machen und To-Do Punkte abhaken und dann alles andere, nicht anders herum.

Foto 30.09.17, 14 45 13.jpg

  • Inspiration finden und Gedanken aufschreiben! Ich denke im Alltag sehr viel über Blogposts oder Ideen nach, komme aber an manchen Tagen leider nicht dazu, sie sofort umzusetzen. Vor allem vor dem Einschlafen, wenn ich den Tag noch einmal revue passieren lasse, habe ich die besten Einfälle. Deswegen möchte ich ab jetzt vor dem zu Bett gehen alle meine Ideen und Gedanken als Notiz festhalten und immer einen Zettel neben meinem Bett liegen haben, falls mir noch etwas einfällt.
  • Weniger Aufschieben, mehr Abhaken! Ich habe zwar ordentlich geführte To-Do Listen und weiß auch immer was ich alles zu tun habe, aber diese Punkte in Angriff zu nehmen und wirklich etwas zu erledigen fällt mir oft schwer. Vor allem wenn es Aufgaben sind, die viel Zeit in Anspruch nehmen, denn diese ist mir dann irgendwie immer zu schade bzw. will ich nicht, dass mein Tag nur aus einer einzigen Aufgabe besteht…
Weniger gleich, mehr jetzt!

Foto 30.09.17, 14 06 09.jpg

 Gerade bin ich richtig motiviert dazu Texte für den Blog zu verfassen. Oft fehlt mir aber auch der Schreibfluss und ich kann meine Gedanken nicht richtig sortieren und „zu Papier“ bringen. Also versuche ich solche Motivations-Hochs für mich zu nutzen und in diesen Zeiten intensiv zu schreiben, um die Schreib-Tiefs mit anderen Aufgaben zu füllen.

Foto 30.09.17, 14 48 54

Ich möchte auch wieder mehr selbst mit dem Stativ Fotografieren. Das einzige was ich zur Zeit mit meiner Kamera festhalte, ist mein Essen. Aber ich möchte eigentlich mehr Gedanken-Texte schreiben und diese mit meinen Bildern untermauern.

Die Bilder zu diesem Beitrag sind von meinem Shooting mit Anna Verburg.

Foto 30.09.17, 14 14 26.jpg


Geht es euch ähnlich wie mir? Dann macht doch einfach mit und versucht ebenfalls eure Arbeitsstrategie zu optimieren!