Exploring Melbourne & Making Friends | Diary 002

When I first arrived in Melbourne, I stayed in a 4-bed female dorm for the first three nights that I already pre-booked from home. That’s how I met Sabrina from Italy that I still hang out with now and it was good to have a smaller room at the beginning of my stay.

It is pretty comfortable to stay in a smaller room if you want some privacy as well as staying in a female dorm as you can change clothes in the room instead of in your bed / in the bathroom.

But bigger rooms are obviously cheaper and I feel like after 8-10 people it doesn’t matter anyway. You just need some good earplugs and maybe a sleeping mask.





Sunday 23/9

Today we decided to walk through the north of the CBD where some cool streets that are definitely worth checking out are located. One is Lygon Street, known as Little Italy where you find a lot of restaurants, especially Italian and from other European countries. Then we went to Brunswick Street in Fitzroy for the first time, which is now my favourite area to stroll around. It has a lot of awesome vintage shops, small boutiques, second-hand shops, cafés, bars & restaurants. Almost all the hip vegan places are located there and I am very excited to discover them more in the next days.



Everyone I talked to in the hostel recommended the Queen Victoria Market for fruit & veggie shopping. It is super nice to walk around there and look at the yummy food they offer (at least when you like food shopping like I do haha). They don’t just have fruits and veggies but also cheese, spreads, meat, bread & a food court, as well as clothes, leather wear, souvenirs and more.


As we went there pretty late we got some great deals on the produce and they also sometimes have bags of “not so pretty” or “not so fresh” produce for a lower price, so I recommend to look for those to buy cheap. I got a bag of tomatoes, spinach and 2 capsicums each for 2 dollars and 5 bananas for only 1$! I also bought the best hummus ever for 3$ which is not a bad price and it’s super delicious and homemade as well.


Monday 24/9

In Melbourne and Sydney walks101 offers free walking tours where you only pay whatever you want at the end of the tour. I went there alone but got to meet a lot of other travellers along the tour. I highly recommend going there as it’s always great to learn some facts about the place you stay in, it’s cheap and a great way to meet others. There is another free tour in St. Kilda, a district of Melbourne at the beach, that I plan to do in the next days as well.


After those 3 nights in the 4-bed dorm, I moved into a 10 bed dorm because it’s cheaper and you also get to meet more people. Of course, you never get along with all of them but at least the chance of finding someone you connect with is higher. You also meet guys (people of the other gender) more easily.

For the first week I stayed at the Nomads All Nations Hostel in Melbourne in the CBD area which was good to do most of the touristy stuff and very easy to go to all places as there is a free Tram zone in the Centre of Melbourne. The hostel itself isn’t super awesome, not very clean and some weird people but still alright to stay at, especially for that price (I paid 24$ for a night which is 15€).

The funny thing was, that I met a boy from New Zealand on the free walking tour and it turned out that he was in my new dorm as well.

I also had to go food shopping and went to Aldi for the first time here in Oz. It’s so fun that they have this German supermarket chain here and they have a lot of good stuff for a good price as well. Bought a ’nuts, seeds and fruit mix‘ to get some healthy fats by almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds as well as a sweet topping for my breakfast with raisins as well as ‚banana bread slices‘.




Tuesday 25/9

After doing the free walking tour there were some places that I wanted to go back to alone, so that’s what I did the next day. I went to Federation Square, got a free Kombucha and walked through the small museum of Aboriginal Art (I’m not sure if I just didn’t found the right museum or if it is really that small haha).



I walked through the laneways (that’s how they call the small streets with no cars here) in East CBD, as well as the Block Arcade and Centreway Arcade where they had a few lovely vintage shops and a natural soap shop.




Wednesday 26/9

On Wednesday I went to Brighton Beach with Sabrina and a guy from Argentina who is from our hostel as well. We got there by train and walked along the beach and the neighbourhood, which is beautiful and so calm in comparison to the Centre of the City.

We were very lucky with the weather as well and even though the wind is quite cold, the sun was nice and warm.

The famous Bath Houses are located at Brighton Beach as well so we obviously could not resist stopping at the pretty ones to take some touristy pictures.



Later we bought some lunch (olive ciabatta and olive hummus for me) and sat down at the beach to enjoy the sun and read a bit.


In the afternoon Sabrina and I went to the Queen Victoria Market again as there was an Asian Night Market. There were a lot of food stands with Asian food, but very meat based and it was loud and crowded so we just walked through it and bought food in the supermarket instead.


In Sabrina’s hostel (that is my hostel now as well) they had a movie night, so I joined her – even though the movie was boring haha.

Thursday 27/9

The next day I spend a beautiful day alone in the south of Melbourne. I went to the Art Center of Melbourne and thought about buying a ticket to see the Australian Ballet perform Spartacus, but sadly the tickets were too expensive because I was too late, but I really want to go to a Ballet in Sydney in the Opera House for sure!

Afterwards, I visited the free zones of the Art Museum where they had many beautiful and super cute books with a message as well as some art souvenirs.



I spend the afternoon in the Botanical Gardens, read on my Kindl* and enjoyed the sunshine!


At night time me and the Kiwi guy from my hostel joined Sabrina for a Pup crawl in Fitzroy and it was a lot of fun. We also met two Aussie guys that we hang out a lot with now.


I could not imagine at first that it would be so easy to meet people but especially in my second hostel in Melbourne, it was no problem at all and so much fun to play board games and talk to people from all around the world! → more in my next Diary post!



Girls trip to Vienna – What We Saw, Did & Ate in 3 Days

Some weeks ago one of my best friends and I spontaneously booked a trip to Vienna that we have thought about for a while already.

We spend three very hot but wonderful days in Austria’s capital city and had lots of fun together.


I have already been to the city three years ago for New Years and really liked the vibe of the city and always wanted to explore it for some days with good weather.

On my Instagram @mind.wanderer you can find a highlight called ‚Vienna‘ and see some of our favorite memories from this trip. In this post, I am going to share everything that we have done that I can recommend you to do on your own city trip and some amazing veggie food that we have discovered!



Flixbus has amazing routes that cover many cities in Germany and lead to Vienna overnight which was super nice. We started around 10 pm in the afternoon and got to Vienna at around 7:30 am so we had the whole day to explore.


We spend two nights in the A&O Hostel/Hotel that we have already been to in Leipzig last summer and really like. It’s pretty cheap but has all we need: clean and comfy beds and bathroom and their breakfast is pretty amazing as well (for that price).

In Vienna itself, we bought two-day passes for metro, tram and bus which I can highly recommend to see as much as possible. They are only 8€ a day and totally worth it.

One day we booked a Big Bus Hop-on-Hop-off Ticket which is very pricey but also super interesting because you get some information while driving and practical to see all the sights.

On our third day, we caught the Flixbus at 10.30 pm back home so we really had three full days in the city but only payed for two nights for the hotel.


Day One

After we arrived at the bus terminal we went to our hotel which was located at the main train station (but there is another A&O Hostel which is one of Vienna’s hip districts so I recommend you to go there instead) and left our luggage there to explore the city center.

Because it was Sunday morning the streets and public places where super empty which was weird but nice and calm. We came  back on our third day in the afternoon and it was so busy and packed, so we could really enjoy the pretty buildings alone on our first day.


For brunch we walked to the café & bistro BlueOrange to enjoy an amazing vegan breakfast with a bagel, hummus, avocado, salad and a small fruit salad and a yummy juice.


Afterwards we drove to the well known „Prater“ a public place with rollercoasters and other ride facilities as well as food and the famous Prater ferries wheel. We rode a carousel that moved up super high so we had an amazing view over the city.



It was super hot all three days in Vienna so we needed a cool down. At the Danube there is a „bathing ship“ that has a pool and a bar on deck and we spend a great evening there.

The day ended with cocktails and games at our hotel.



Day Two

The next day we drove through Vienna with the Hop-on-Hop-off Bus which was super interesting because we saw many buildings that we wouldn’t have time to visit all ourselves and we learned a lot from the audio guide.



We walked through the garden of the Schönbrunn Palace which was beautiful and ended at the old Danube to refresh and spend some time relaxing with the locals.




For Dinner, we went to an amazing all vegan restaurant called „Veggiezzz“ which is part of a chain in Vienna and ate super delicious burger with fries. They also had sandwiches, wraps and healthy bowls as well as yummy dessert and I would love to try more from there menu the next time I visit Vienna!

That night we went to the rooftop terrace of the Ritz Calton Hotel and had a beautiful view over the city at night and some amazing (but super pricey :D ) drinks.


Day Three

On our last day, we visited the Belverde Palace which is super beautiful (we liked it even more that Schönbrunn, even tho it’s not as popular).



As well as the Museum of Modern Art „mumok“ that we really liked as well. And enjoyed the cold water basin in the museum’s district.


We also went to the café and vintage shop „Burggasse 24“ that is pretty popular and had some amazing vegan cake there.


After all the culture we did some shopping at Brandy Melville and had a had time finding something good (and veggie) to eat for our last day.

We ended up at Vegetasia a completely vegetarian Asian restaurant that had an all-you-can-eat buffet which was amazing! It’s so great when you don’t need to check if you can eat this and just grab whatever looks good :D




We had an awesome time together in Vienna and I am already looking forward to explore Bali with my two best friends next summer!

Have you already been to Vienna before? How did you like it?

Weekend Getaway to Dresden with my Family

Letztes Wochenende war ich von Samstag bis Montag mit meinen Eltern bei meiner Tante und Onkel in Dresden. Wir hatten ein richtig schönes Wochenende zusammen, von dem ich euch in diesem Post erzählen möchte.


Am Samstag hatten wir einen gemütlichen Abend im neuen Haus meiner Tante und Onkel nahe Dresden mit Lasagne, bevor wir dann am Sonntag nach einem großen Frühstück die Stadt besichtigt haben.

Im Dezember waren wir das letzte Mal in Dresden, um dort auf die schönen Weihnachtsmärkte, wie den berühmten Striezelmarkt und den Weihnachtsmarkt an der Frauenkirche zu gehen. Dieses Mal hingegen war es – zum Glück – sehr frühlingshaft!


Als erstes haben wir uns die schöne Frauenkirche angesehen und auch von Innen besichtigt. So wie von Außen ist sie auch Innen unheimlich schön, mit Gold verziehrt und in rosa und hellgrün bemalt. Da jedoch ein Fotografie-Verbot galt (an das sich fast niemand gehalten hat) habe ich hier kein Foto für euch gemacht.


Danach haben wir mit einem roten Doppeldecker-Bus eine Stadtrundfahrt gemacht, die auch sehr interessant war und bei der man einiges über die Geschichte und Bauwerke gelernt hat und viele schöne Ecken gesehen hat, in die man in 3 Tagen Dresden gar nicht alle besichtigen hätte können.


Danach haben wir uns im Dresden 1900 mit Kuchen und Kaffee, bzw. für mich Eis und Tee gestärkt und sind noch ein wenig durch die Straßen gebummelt.

Wir haben uns die Semperoper angesehen…


…sind durch den Zwinger gelaufen und oben drumherum, bevor es dann zum Essen ging.


Im Turtle Bay einem karibischen Restaurant hatten wir einen Tisch bestellt, da meine Tante sehr davon geschwärmt hatte und ich war so so begeistert!

Nicht nur die Einrichtung war so cool, auch auf der Karte standen so viele leckere Getränke, Salate, Burger, Curry-Gerichte, ebenso wie Wraps oder belegte Fladenbrote, sodass wir uns alle gar nicht entscheiden konnten.

Außerdem gab es eine sehr große vegane und vegetarische Auswahl, worüber ich mich sehr gefreut habe :)



Als Vorspeise habe ich mir mit meiner Mama einen Mango-Karotten-Avocado-Salat geteilt der super lecker war. Meine Tante hatte einen Supergreen Salat mit Spinat, Grünkohl, Avocado und Kichererbsen, der auch sehr lecker aussah und dazu haben wir uns noch „Karibische Klöße“ geteilt, welche eigentlich Teigstangen sind.


Als Hauptgericht habe ich mich nach vielen Überlegungen für ein Curry mit Kokosmilch, Süßkartoffel, Mais, Bohnen, Möhren und Reis entschieden, was unheimlich lecker war.

Auf der Karte standen auch Kichererbsen Wraps, belegte Fladenbrote, tolle Burger und auch Süßkartoffel Pommes, ebenso wie Gerichte mit Fisch oder Fleisch.

Als Nachtisch hatten wir eine Passionsfrucht Tarte und ein dunkles Schokoladen-Mousse mit Kokoseis.

Das Restaurant bietet auch viele lecker klingende Cocktails oder auch selbstgemachte Limonaden mit Ananas oder Gurke an.


Am Monat waren wir noch ein wenig Shoppen. Ich habe mir im „Globetrotter“ einem großen Backpacker und Outdoor Laden in Dresden ein paar Sachen für meine Reise nach Australien gekauft. Dresden hat auch Shopping Technisch wirklich viel zu bieten.


Es war wirklich eine richtig schöne, aber kurze Zeit in Dresden und ich freue mich schon sehr auf das nächste Mal, denn die Stadt hat noch so viel mehr zu bieten!

Zum Beispiel würde ich gerne die Neustadt noch ein wenig erkunden, in das Hygiene-Museum gehen und noch alle anderen lecker klingenden Gerichte auf der Speisekarte von Turtle Bay probieren!

Wart ihr schon in Dresden? Was könnt ihr empfehlen oder hat euch mein Post dazu inspiriert die Stadt selbst zu besuchen?