What I Eat in a Day in Melbourne as a Backpacker on a Budget #1

Now that I am travelling I want to show you what I eat as a (mostly) healthy, (mostly) vegan Backpacker on a budget in Australia!

I hope you are excited for some super easy, cheap and quick recipes and meals as I don’t want to spend too much time or money cooking (and I also don’t have the nicest kitchens in the hostels). But I still try to mostly eat homemade food as eating out is crazily expensive. If I do eat out, I like to go to cute little healthy cafés that offer vegan food and I’m okay spending more money there, rather than finding the cheapest takeaway pizza in town :D


The prices

The first hostel I stayed in offered free tea, coffee, rice and pasta as well as free pancakes in the morning, so I tried to use that to save money.

Besides what I was thinking, the food in the supermarket isn’t that much more expensive than in Germany. Some things obviously are, especially produce that have to get shipped from far away. I tried to mostly shop my produce at the market (for example the Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne) as they offer cheaper products that aren’t as fresh anymore or at the end of the day.


Here is a list of the food I bought and how much I spend on them:
  • 12 tomatoes                                2 $         1,30 €                 market
  • 2 red bell peppers                     2 $         1,30 €                 market
  • 5 bananas                                   1 $         0,70 €                 market
  • Hummus                                     3 $         1,80€                  market
  • Salt                                               2 $         1,50 €                 Coles
  • Olive ciabatta                             4 $         2,50 €                Coles
  • Olive Hummus                          5 $          3 €                     Coles
  • Canned Kidney Beans           0,75$        0,50 €                Coles
  • Soy sauce                                    4 $         2,50 €                 Coles

Next time I definitely should buy my soy sauce as well as tofu for example at an Asian supermarket. They are very popular here (because there are also a lot of Asian people living in Australia) and it’s a lot cheaper there.

Some prices look crazy at first, but 12$ are actually 7,50€ which is the same price as in Germany for the vegan B&J… but I’m for sure going to try all the flavours when my parents visit me :P

Day 1

This wasn’t actually my first day in Melbourne, but the first day that I took pictures of my food – just to clarify that!


As I already said, my first hostel offered free pancakes with maple syrup every morning. I wasn’t really happy about that on one hand, because I planned on trying to eat completely vegan, but on the other hand, they were yummy, free and quick to eat before leaving the hostel to explore…


At the market, I bought this amazing self-made hummus and 4 little loaves of bread (there is no English name for „Brötchen“! :D ) and I dipped two into the hummus for lunch.


The first meal that I cooked at the hostel was this easy rice & veggie dish. I cooked rice with some salt, mixed the veggies under after the rice was nearly finished and added some veggie broth. That’s it! Not super great, but cheap, healthy and easy.


Day 2

Another day I slept in until 10:30am and there were no more pancakes. I cooked rice with more water than usual and „overcooked“ it to make it very creamy and sticky rice/porridge texture. Then I added lots of cinnamon, mashed banana, apple, raisins and some nuts.

It might seem weird to try to save money on something inexpensive like oats, but as cheaper you eat on most days, as more often you can spend more money on going out! :D


Because I had a late breakfast, I just had two oranges as a snack and ate dinner early.


A combination I just recently discovered is pasta with a hummus sauce and veggies. That’s what happens when you are a backpacker: you can’t buy a large variety of food otherwise it will go bad and you have to use it up before you leave a place – so you have to get creative and buy food that works in many meals.

So I just cooked some free pasta from the hostel, mashed some kidney beans, chopped tomatoes, olive hummus, fresh baby spinach and veggie broth and heated it up.

Throwing different ingredients together and making it a delicious meal!



Day 3

I was very lucky, that my AuPair family that I’m going to stay with in May came to visit Melbourne and we were able to meet each other.

And I was even more lucky, that we went to a café to have breakfast that probably has the best ever Avo smash toast in whole Australia! Only ate this one until now, but I can’t imagine that it can get any better (and my AuPair mom agrees in that and she has already eaten many Avo toasts!)

Sadly I forgot to ask for a vegan version as I was a bit nervous that morning, but it was so yummy and so much variety in one dish – lots of mashed avo, good bread, tomatoes, cucumber, balsamic vinegar, mozzarella cheese & poached egg.


That day I got gifted Kombucha on the streets as a sample. It wasn’t really a great flavour, but in general, I really like Kombucha.


The amazing breakfast kept me full for long, so I had another early and big dinner. Leftover rice with veggies where I only added some pak choi and soy sauce as well as fresh capsicum on the side. As a dessert, I had some sweet rice with applesauce and raisins.

You can also always follow me on Instagram to see what I am up to, where I am, what I’m doing or what I eat! 

Another part of what I eat in Melbourne will follow soon! Including another great breakfast with my AuPair mom and way to much eating out as there are so many awesome vegan places here in Melbourne! :D



What I Eat in a Day #15

Es ist mal wieder Zeit für einen neuen What I Eat in a Day Post!

Und sowieso längst überflüssig, dass es einen neuen Beitrag von mir gibt. Die letzten zwei Wochen waren allerdings so voll gepackt mit wichtigen Schulsachen, dass ich mich nicht noch zusätzlich mit dem veröffentlichen von Beiträgen beschäftigen wollte.

Jetzt ist die Mathe und Bio Klausur zum Glück geschafft und es steht eine Woche Osterferien vor der Tür, in der ich mir natürlich wieder Zeit fürs Bloggen nehmen kann und es sind auch bereits einige schöne Sachen geplant! :)


Zum Frühstück habe ich eigentlich immer (außer am Wochenende) warmes Porridge mit Obst. Am liebsten mag ich es, wenn die Haferflocken mit der Pflanzenmilch und dem Obst zusammen kochen, da dadurch das Obst schön süß, weich und gut verdaulich ist. Birne, Apfel, Banane und Ananas eignen sich dafür am Besten. Die Haferflocken mische ich seit neustem mit Buchweizenflocken (Hälfte/Hälfte) und gebe auch noch Chia-Samen, Haferkleie, Hagebuttenpulver und Erdmandelpulver dazu.

Das lasse ich dann kurz aufkochen und für weitere 5 Minuten auf der noch warmen Herdplatte stehen und rühre immer wieder um. Bis ich das dann in der Schule esse ist es meistens noch leicht warm und schmeckt so auch am Besten.


Zum Mittag nach der Schule hatte ich einen Bagel von Kaufland mit Rote-Beete Hummus und Tomaten Aufstrich von Lidl und Feldsalat. Ganz schnell und einfach!


Wenn ich die ganze Zeit am Lernen und Arbeiten bin merke ich richtig, wie viel Energie ich verbrauche. Das Gehirn verbraucht nun mal die meiste Energie im Körper! Eine kleine Stärkung in Form von frischem Walnuss-Brot mit Schoko Aufstrich ist da genau das richtige!

Bionella finde ich ganz lecker und ist eine tolle vegane Alternative zu Nutella (schmeckt mir übrigens gar nicht mehr – überhaupt nicht schokoladig und viel zu süß). Ein Aufstrich aus dem Bioladen So Vegan So Fein ist allerdings noch viiieel besser! So schokoladig, nicht zu süß und ohne Palmöl, was es echt selten gibt.


Zum Abendessen hat mein Papa Spinatknödel selber gemacht. Das ist eine Südtiroler Spezialität, die es oft beim Skifahren gibt und die wir unheimlich lieben. Dazu gibt es eine Tomatensauce und Rucola.

Esst ihr Nutella oder auch „alternative“ Schokocremes? Was ist euer Schoko-Favorit?