How to Be Happy – 7 Ways to Find Joy & Happiness Every Day

There are always times in life that are easier and times where it’s harder to be happy. Situations life throws you into, where it’s hard to stay positive and phases in life, that feel like nothing could ever be better.

Some things can’t be changed. Problems, you have to deal with or circumstances you can’t get out of. But it’s still – and always – our mindset, that we have the power over. And that is what we need to use, to make everything better, easier and doable.

This blogpost is not really meant for big problems and how to solve them, but more on how to make life & your mind, in general, more happy and joyful.



1. Focus on the Good

This is probably the most powerful lesson, yet it can be hard in some situations to stick to it. But don’t judge yourself, when you realise you got pulled away by negativity, judgement, gossiping or complaining – it happens to everyone. Recognise it and then let it go. You will eventually get more consistent and it gets easier to stick to it.

Obviously, it’s not possible, to only see positivity and good things – that’s not the point. The key is to not waste your time, thoughts and energy on it. Recognise, maybe take five minutes to cry or scream it out (sometimes it helps to just let all the emotions out and to not keep them within you), or if it’s not as bad just breath it away. And then take it as it is, forget about it, ignore it or change it, if you can and want to. Whatever the right decision may be, don’t stick to it with negative energy and thoughts.


„Accept it, Change it, or Leave it.“

There is no other option if you don’t want it to influence you in a negative way. And yes it can be hard, but you just have to try harder and refocus yourself. The more you practice it and the more situations you handle positively through this practice, the easier it gets and you will feel how much better it makes every „negative“ or „hard“ situation seem.

I, for example, stopped reading the daily news. It may seem weird to some and as if I don’t want to know what is going on in the world, but I personally just don’t want to read horror titles and negative news every day.



2. Take time for your thoughts

When I go for a walk, I don’t take my phone with me to listen to music. I just walk and think. To some people that might sound crazy boring and horrible. But I think it is really important to take time to think all by yourself and without distraction from feelings, emotions, worries and such.

I feel so clear, refreshed and more enthusiastic and motivated after I’ve done that. I rethink about the last days, plan and organise the upcoming ones, schedule my to-do’s and make a game plan.

That is so important for me to stay focused, feel less stressed and to have got things straightened out with my own thoughts and emotions.


3. Having a Passion & Goals in Life

Working on my goals, having a meaning and purpose to get up in the morning gives me so much motivation, excitement and therefore happiness.

And this does not mean that you need to have the purpose to revolutionize the world. It can be small things, it can be anything you enjoy and is important to you. Find a passion, hobbies, things to do that you like.

Mine is health. I love cooking, food, healthy eating, learning about nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, fitness & yoga. Another one is sustainability. I love to learn more and improve myself, making small changes every day. Travelling and sunshine makes my heart sparkle. And I love to surround myself with people that share similar values, interests or just a great time.



4. Little Things

When I was around 13 years old, I listened to an audiobook by John Strelecky that thought me that the small things in life are the most important, because they add up and become the biggest.

And I genuinely started to look for the small, beautiful things and took a moment to appreciate them.

„Look around, happiness is trying to catch you.“

I listened to the birds chirping in the morning, closed my eyes, enjoyed it and purposely smiled. Every time the sun is out in the wintertime, I try to catch as many sunbeams, thanking the sun that it came out to make me happy and smile.

Food is another thing, that can become very boring and a routine. But I personally, can find so much joy and happiness through food. I love good, healthy, vegan, yummy food and I take the time to buy, cook, prepare and eat it every day – it’s the little things, but you can make them count a lot!


5. Stop comparing & Be Grateful

It’s always easy to look at the others: their success, life, relationship, look. Everything might look „perfect“. But remember, you only see a little part of their life, whether on Instagram or even in real life. You don’t know about all their struggles, the hard work that is behind it or the problems it comes with.

Instead of looking at all the great things others have, appreciate the great things that are in your life and be grateful for them. There is so much to be grateful for and remember tip 4 and all the little things as well!



6. You will always find what you are looking for

When you look for negativity, problems, failure, mistakes, unfriendly people and such, you will focus on it, and you will find it.

But if you focus your thoughts and your attention on the good, success, friendly people, chances and fun times, there will be more of all that in your life.




7. Be the energy you want to attract

This is part of the law of attraction, which I want to talk about in a separate post, otherwise, this will get too long, but I quickly wanted to mention it anyway.

Your mind is the most powerful tool you have. So if you want to be happy, start changing your mindset and your thoughts. If you spread happiness, joy, positivity and abundance, you will receive more of this energy into your life.


I really hope you find this blogpost helpful and interesting! I really want to talk more about positivity, mindset, law of attraction etc. on my blog because I think it is so important and it is a big & important part of my life and I want to focus on it even more myself.

I would love to hear in the comments, if you have any other tips, what is extra important to you and what mindfulness-topics and posts you would like to see!



Mondays for Sure Could be Worse

Fourth day into surfing, laying on my board, exhausted from paddling, on the East Coast of Australia between Sydney and Brisbane at Woolwolga Beach, waiting for another good wave to take, my surf teacher said: “Well, Mondays for sure could be worse…” and that’s how this text came alive. His sentence really made me appreciate the moment and my life in general here in Australia so much.


Mondays for sure could be worse…

When you get up at 7am, fully recovered after an amazing night sleep. Still a bit sleep-drunk heading to the breakfast area and appreciating the amazing view of a campground right at the beach, surrounded by huge palm trees that slightly move from the ocean breeze. Everything is covered in this beautiful golden light from the sun that just rises and will get stronger and stronger every minute.


You hear the ocean, the waves rolling to the shore while you grab a big bowl of warm oats with lots of cinnamon, sliced apples and banana.

After you refill your energy for the day, you put lots of sunscreen on, grab a wetsuit, grab a board and head to the beach with your surf group. Learning more about waves, good surf conditions, boards and so on from people that could not be more passionate makes you not just super stoked yourself, but also remember the facts a lot better.



And then it’s finally time to head into the water, into the big wide ocean and learning to ride those huge, powerful, scary, wonderful and fun waves.


Walking, paddling, jumping on the board, waiting for the right wave, paddling like crazy and then standing up, the feeling of the power underneath you taking you towards the beach, riding the wave.


What an amazing feeling. I can never get enough of it, even though the paddling is so exhausting and the enjoyment so short. It is worth it all.

But I won’t lie. You also get knocked over, thrown into the “washing machine” of the ocean, drown, don’t know which way is up, have salt water in your eyes, mouth, sand in your ears, hair, everywhere. That’s part of the fun.

Your muscles are sore, your skin irritated from all the saltwater and sun and you are so ready for a refreshing shower when you get out of the water.


Taking a nap or just relaxing for a bit until it is time for lunch. All the good veggies, carrots, salad, tomato, cucumber, olives, onion and chickpeas rolled up into a wrap, cheesy toast or pasta salad, whatever you desire until you are round and full.

Applying big amounts of sunscreen, grabbing a towel, water and my ebook and heading straight to the beach afterwards to spend the whole afternoon reading, sleeping, relaxing, watching surfers, swimming, walking on the beach and of course: sunbaking a lot.


Walking along the beach for a nice quiet space in the sand with some shadows to do some afternoon yoga and stretching to make your sore muscles and your soul feel more grounded.

Afterwards, you head for another cold shower. Washing all the sand, salt, sunscreen and sweat from your skin and hair, moisturizing your skin after all the sun and getting ready for dinner.


Dinner was the highlight of the meals every day, especially when they have amazing vegan options and you also get to eat a super creamy, flavourful vegan Mac’n Cheese.

Sitting next to happy, exhausted, tanned faces from all around the world, getting to know each other, rambling about surfing, travelling and life.

After dinner, the day just stated for some. Others – like me – were happily reading all evening in bed or in one of the hammocks outside under the stars, feeling the light ocean air and hearing the waves breaking until it is time to wander from the reality that could also be a dream into the dream world.



When I think about it, I feel endless happiness, joy, gratefulness and overall love that this is what I call my life. I could not be happier anywhere else and I try to stop myself every day to soak up all the appreciative feeling to remember these happy lucky days forever.

What does your endlessly happy day contain?

5 Things That Make Me Happy Every Day

Dankbarkeit ist eine Sache, die man so oft wie möglich praktizieren sollte. Optimisten fällt das leichter Dinge zu finden, über die sie sich freuen und für die sie Dankbar sind. Aber man kann es ganz einfach üben, trainieren und sich immer wieder selbst daran erinnern. Und irgendwann wird es zu einer Gewohntheit sich bewusst zu machen wie viel Schönes und Gutes um einen ist, wofür man dankbar sein kann.


Einige schreiben täglich ein 5 Minute Journal oder versuchen jeden Tag eine Sache zu notieren, für die sie an diesem Tag dankbar sind.

Ich bemühe mich hingegen immer, in jeder Situation in der ich Freude, Glück und Dankbarkeit verspüre innezuhalten, diesem Moment aufzunehmen und in meinem Kopf zu formulieren, dass ich Dankbar für diesen Moment bin.

Für mich funktioniert diese Methode am Besten, da ich nichts aufschreiben muss und mir merken muss, sondern die jeweiligen Momente genieße und mich darauf konzentriere. Jedoch sollte jeder seinen eigenen Weg finden, wie er Dankbarkeit praktiziert.

Wer sich damit noch nicht auseinander gesetzt hat, sollte damit auf jeden Fall anfangen. Es bringt so viel mehr Optimismus, Freude und Glück ins Leben, wenn man sich bewusst wird wie viele Dinge es gibt, für die man Dankbar sei kann – seien es nur Kleinigkeiten.


Um euch einen Anreiz und vielleicht eine Inspiration zu geben, habe ich hier 10 Dinge aufgeschrieben, die mich fast jeden Tag glücklich machen und für die ich Dankbar bin, dass sie in meinem Leben sind.

1. Vogelgezwitscher. Wenn ich diese Musik in meinen Ohren höre, muss ich automatisch lächeln. Vögel scheinen immer gut gelaunt zu sein und geben mir damit ein Stück gute Laune ab. Außerdem sind diese Melodien auch Botschafter des Frühlings und Sommers und diese Jahreszeiten bedeuten für mich ebenfalls Glück.


2. Sonnenschein. Macht sofort gute Laune. Egal ob es vielleicht kalt ist, aber wenn ich meine Nase ein bisschen in die Sonne halten kann, geht es mir sofort so viel besser. Und es ist sogar erwiesen, dass Sonnenschein wirklich bessere Laune macht – durch das Vitamin D was mit den Sonnenstrahlen produziert wird.

3. Tun was ich Liebe. Man sollte sich jeden Tag die Zeit nehmen eine Sache zu machen, die einem Freude bereitet, erfüllt und die einen vielleicht auch näher zu seinem Ziel bringt. Sei es morgens eine Runde Joggen, in der Sonne Lesen, schöne Fotos machen, mich zu meiner Australien Reise zu belesen oder mit Freunden einen schönen Nachmittag zu verbringen.


4. Mit der Familie Essen. Bei uns ist es üblich, dass wir als Familie gemeinsam Essen. Frühstück, am Wochenende auch Mittag und Abends – sofern natürlich nicht jemand was vor hat. Dass sich jeder selbst einfach einen Toast macht oder Cornflakes isst wann er Lust hat gibt es bei uns nicht und dafür bin ich total Dankbar. Nach einem langen Tag ist es schön eine halbe Stunde zusammen zu sitzen und sich von seinem Tag zu berichten – sonst kommt man ja meistens nicht dazu, wenn jeder immer Termine oder Sachen zu tun hat.


5. Ich. Eine Sache, die man nicht vergessen sollte – sich selbst. Ich bin froh darüber gesund zu sein. Mich bewegen zu können, wie ich es will. Ich bin dankbar eine Optimistin zu sein, organisiert und meist auch diszipliniert. Ich bin froh, dass ich mich schon relativ früh für Umweltschutz und Veganismus interessiere. Dass ich mein Geld nicht für zu viel Zeug rausschmeiße, sondern versuche auf Minimalismus zu setzen. Dass ich fast immer einen Plan habe und trotzdem auch gerne ins kalte Wasser springe. Ich bin dankbar und glücklich über fast alles, was ich bin und der Rest, der gehört auch zu mir.

Dankbarkeit und sich bewusst machen, wofür man alles glücklich sein kann ist unheimlich wichtig. Und falls ihr damit noch nicht selbst angefangen habt, dann kann ich es euch nur ans Herz legen – es wird euer Leben nur bereichern und euren Blickwinkel auf das Positive richten.

Wofür seid ihr Dankbar?