Doing Me | July Favorites 2018

Since there was no Favorites Post for June, this blog post is going to be full of all my beloved ones from the last two month covering many different topics.



I completely fell in love with this caricature when I saw it on Pinterest. This is how I want my relationships to be. With my boyfriend/husband, my friends and my family. This is how every good relationship should be like in my opinion.


I really am, and I love it! So many opportunities, chances, new beginnings, a lot of time and even more things to do. But everything is my choice!



I want to start with something that is very close to my heart and that I want to get into even more myself which is sustainability. I have always been very nature-friendly and the health of our earth was always important to me but just for the last year, I started getting into it more, learning, trying, failing and giving my best.

I would never ever say that I am suuper eco-friendly and sustainable because I still do so much that could be improved and I know that, but not everything is possible when you live at home with your family and don’t have a lot of money. But I don’t want to procrastinate at all – I try my best and I will slowly but surely get better and better.

You can buy these products at Rossmann and they are much more eco-friendly!

I have already shared some things that I swapped in our household to make it more eco-friendly in this post and last month I have been to a Zero Waste Shop that sell plastic free products and food that you can fill up in your own container. It was so much fun and I was super impressed by how many things they have, that you could easily buy instead of the regular, in plastic covered stuff.


I can highly recommend to everybody to go into a Zero Waste store and bring your own container or mason jars to fill up all kinds of grains, oats, muesli or flour. They also had washing powder, vegan spread, milk products and syrups or oils in large containers.

You can also buy soap bars, deodorant, body butter and other sustainable beauty products without plastic and most of their stuff is organic too.


If you are also interested in learning more about an eco-friendly lifestyle, sustainability and zero waste check out Pia Kraftfutter and Corinna Fee (both German) as well as Sarah Lemkus and Ellen Fisher



I have been very inspired by @theocarow and @vivi_koenig because I really like their photography style and how authentic and real their pictures look like.


I have already talked about my favorite books from the last few months but I still wanted to mention two of them – my absolute favorites – in this post which are „Die Bücherdiebin“ and „Die Welt wie wir sie kannten“


For your vacation in Portugal, I downloaded the 30-day free trial of Lightroom to edit my pictures more professional and I completely fell in love with this program. I know that it’s nothing new or special and everyone is already using it, but I just discovered how amazing it is and now I need to pay for it every month… but it’s so worth it!

I already told you about the amazing food I ate the last weeks in my review for July

I didn’t eat very good at the beginning of July because we were on vacation and white bread and cheese couldn’t be avoided completely. Back home I tried to eat completely vegan and very healthy which was pretty successful besides the fact that I ate out a lot (but still mostly healthy and vegan).

And I have been eating my beloved blackberries in huge amounts cause I found many blackberry bushes near my home and picked them every day.


Also, I made my favorite Banana Bread again. Usually, the recipe is made with raspberries but this time I tried it with frozen blueberries and it was super delicious. Very soft and mushy at the same time – just how I love my Banana Bread!


Phone case

Werbung / Ad //  After my last phone case broke I needed a new one, that protects my phone better, especially for my adventures in Australia. That’s why I was super happy to be able to cooperate with and got a new case for my iphone 6 that covers the glass sides and still isn’t too think. I decided to go for a basic grey one with a sea through back so I could but my own pictures in there and change it when I feel like it, but there are so many different phone cases available on their side. Thank you Handyhüllen!


What are your favorites this month? Do you like blueberries as well? How do you feel about the relationship caricature?

Tropical Summer Feelings | July 2018

This weather is crazy! I can’t believe how lucky we are to have such a wonderful summer this year. Especially because I have lots of time to enjoy it (besides working – but still), soak it all in and it’s perfect to spend a lot of time with my friends before I’m going to be gone for a while.

I am still working on all the preparations for my adventure in Australia and I will probably share another post with my plans and some tips on how to plan your own longterm stay in Australia soon.

But for now, we are going to review the last month and look back on everything that happened in July 2018.



My month started with a family vacation to Portugal for two weeks where I really fell in love with the Algarve and its beautiful coastline.

I already posted two blog posts: one about some general information and recommendations for Portugal and all the cute little cities and towns that I suggest you to visit while your trip and the second one about our favorite beaches at the Algarve and two breathtaking photo spots you shouldn’t miss. Next week a post about our two days in Lisbon will follow.


After being back home I started working again and tied to get as many hours as possible so I can save a lot for Australia and I also had to run some errands before I’m leaving. I needed to get a new passport, applied for my working holiday visa, searched for a good comfortable and light daypack and arranged some appointments at the doctor and dentist before I leave.



I went to Leipzig with my friend to visit her new apartment because she is starting a dancing apprenticeship there and we scrolled through super cool streets. Leipzig is really awesome with vegan food and cute hipster cafés and I really would like to study there myself one day. We went to an Asian restaurant and ate freaking delicious food! I had a salad with tofu and a fresh lemon sauce, which was all I wanted in this weather and also Luisa’s ramen soup tasted amazing.


After a way to long time I’ve been to Crops – a vegan bistro again with an old primary school friend and we ate their delicious quinoa and sweet potato salad and lots of yummy cake.

As per usual my monthly reviews only consist of food dates with friends :D But that’s just what we do – there isn’t any better combination than good food and good conversations with good friends!


That’s why Luisa needed to show me a new Asian bistro that offers lots of very cheap, healthy and freaking yummy dishes. It’s called SU MO and I totally fell in love with this place. They have sushi, rice dishes, ramen, udon and salads on their menu as well as spring rolls and veggie dumplings as a starter and many vegan options with and without tofu and I really would like to test all vegan options in the future because they sound and look super good!

But for this time we went for udon soup (udon is a pasta soup with pretty thick „spaghetti“) as well as spring rolls and dumplings for starter and a passionfruit drink we shared and for all this deliciousness we only paid 16€!! We’ll definitely come back.


Afterward, we went to IKEA to look for some furniture Luisa needs for her new apartment and I could not resist buying two new plates. I am just addicted to beautiful dishes :D


The last weekend in July there is a free outdoor summer cinema in the park and we managed to at least go to one movie called „Weit“ (Engl. „wide“) a documentary about a couple who traveled for three years without flying and documented their journey and I can highly recommend watching it because it is very interesting and inspiring.

And something very wonderful happened to us: we were sitting next to a group of friends that were a bit older than us and they asked us if we would like to have some of their cake. I was so impressed by this yummy act of kindness and the blueberry chocolate cake tasted amazing!


For the last three days, I’ve been in Vienna for a city trip with Anna as you have probably already seen in my Insta-Stories. The reason why I’m not able to show you any pictures on here is that I am pre-writing this blog post, but I will for sure make a Vienna travel guide including all the cool spots that we visited, so stay tuned for that!



The vegan chocolate mousse tastes so yummy and is healthy at the same time!


For August there are already some appointments scheduled. I am going to meet up with Katja from and we will hopefully take some lovely pictures together like we did last year.

Here you can find the pictures we took last year!

I want to go to Wernigerode because I consider studying there and want to have a look at the uni and the town before. Also, I am going to meet up with my cousin who will visit me in Australia because we need to plan our three weeks together and book some accommodations for that time.

With my two best friends I am going to Berlin for one day to enjoy the capital city and its amazing vegan food and I am going to the Mogli Concert in Leipzig which I am so so excited about!


gratitude – things I am thankful for this month

  • I am very thankful for some rest, stillness and me-time on vacation without the pressure of working on my blog or preparing something for Australia because the internet at our Finca wasn’t very good and I took lots of time to read and chill in the sun.
  • I am so thankful for my brother who is totally into photography and videography for about a year which is so helpful and practical for me as well and it is so much more fun to think about good picture spots, locations etc. when your not alone and it’s easier to get amazing shots when your photographer knows what to do (at least kind of :D)
  • I am thankful for feeling happiness and excitement for my friends and to be pleased for exciting things happening in their life cause it makes me happy as well.

How has your month been? Did you go on vacation? How do you enjoy this hot weather?


Long Nights & Good Company | Juni 2018

Hä? Eine Monatsreview mitten im neuen Monat? Ja. Leider. Mein Plan war im Urlaub in Portugal auch ein bisschen am Blog zu arbeiten, jedoch hat das Internet einfach nicht mitgemacht – was ich mir eigentlich schon vorher hätte denken können, aber ich war zu faul Blogposts vorzubereiten. Und so gab es jetzt zwei Wochen lang keinen Beitrag mehr auf meinem Blog. Hat wahrscheinlich auch keiner bemerkt, aber ich habe mich etwas geärgert, denn eigentlich wollte ich ja wieder öfter posten. Hat gut funktioniert würde ich sagen :D

Da ich diese Monatsreviews aber auch für mich, als mein Tagebuch schreibe, möchte ich den Juni auf keinen Fall auslassen und so kommt der Beitrag jetzt etwas verspätet.


Laue Sommernächte, gemütliches Lesen im Garten, gaaanz viel Wassermelone, nur noch kurze Hosen und Kleider, die frühe Morgensonne und das leichte Lüftchen genießen, draußen sitzen und bis in die Nacht erzählen – was für ein wunderschöner Juni!



Mein 1. Juni begann mit einer süßen Überraschung von meiner Mama zum Kindertag: Kokosjoghurt. Ich habe mich so so riesig darüber gefreut, denn ich liiieeebe Kokosjoghurt und da er mega teuer ist, gibt es ihn leider viel zu selten.

Das erste Wochenende war voll ausgeschöpft mit Arbeiten im Biergarten und der Langen Nacht der Wissenschaft, die bei uns in Magdeburg alljährlich stattfindet.

Außerdem hatte ich noch viele Proben von meiner Tanzschule und ein Wochenende lang dann auch unsere Aufführung mit 4 Vorstellungen. Es hat mal wieder so so viel Spaß gemacht und ich bin ziemlich traurig, dass es nun vorbei ist und ich erstmal nicht mehr dort tanzen werde. Vielleicht komme ich wieder, je nach dem wo ich nach Australien studieren und wohnen will…


Auch die Fête de la musique wird bei uns in Magdeburg gefeiert und dort wo ich arbeite spielten ebenfalls einige Bands. Dort froren Anna und ich in unseren Jeansjacken, wünschten uns vegane heiße Schokolade, quatschten über das zweisprachige Erziehen von Kindern und hatten einen schönen Abend.

Vorher waren wir noch im Café Central vegane Wraps essen, die unglaublich lecker waren. Die Bar bietet nur vegane Speisen an und die Köche machen bei uns auch bald ein eigenes veganes Restaurant auf, auf welches wir schon super gespannt sind!


Dafür macht aber leider unser geliebter Strudelhof zu, bei dem es die allerbesten Apfel- bzw. Birnenstrudel gibt und natürlich waren wir noch ein letztes Mal dort, um uns zu verabschieden.

Und dann war endlich das Wochenende meiner letzten Zeugnisausgabe am Freitag und dem anschließenden Abiball am Samstag. Da ich dazu ein bisschen mehr zu erzählen hatte und es so viele schöne Fotos zum teilen gab, findet ihr dazu bereits einen eigenen Blogpost.

In der letzten Woche war bei uns ein Puppentheater Festival und es gab viele besondere Theaterstücke aus ganz Europa zu sehen. So viele tolle und besondere Künste von denen Anna und ich uns zumindest zwei Vorstellungen angesehen und komplett begeistert waren.


Diesen Monat gab es (zumindest für meine Verhältnisse) richtig viel Sushi, wie ich in meinem What I Eat in a Day von Vorgestern schon berichtet habe. Aber bei den warmen Temperaturen ist eine kalte Malzeit auch ideal und Sushi ist einfach viiiel zu lecker!

Ich habe zwei Mal mit meiner Familie ein Sushi Picknick veranstaltet, habe es mir mit meinen besten Freundinnen schmecken lassen und war mit meinen Großeltern zum Zeugisessen ebenfalls beim Asiaten, wo ich Sushi gegessen habe.


Noch mehr unglaublich leckeres Essen gab es bei der Gartenparty von meiner Freundin Marie. So so viele leckere Salate, Dips, Aufstriche, Brot, gegrillten Tofu…


Auch gepicknickt an der Elbe haben wir mit leckerer Pizza und Pasta.

Und zum Abschluss des Monats war ich – vermutlich zum letzten Mal, da ich nach der Sommer-Pause bereits in Australien bin – mit Anna und Tete beim Poetry Slam.




Ich freue mich schon riesig auf den Juli, denn wir fliegen gleich am 01.07 für zwei Wochen nach Portugal an die Algarve und ich bin so so gespannt! Ich war vorher noch nie in diesem Land und freue mich riesig eine neue Kultur, Sprache und Region zu erkunden. Außerdem freue ich mich auf Sonnenschein, Wärme, Meer, Strand, Natur, Lesen, Genießen, Erkunden, Fotografieren und und und…

Außerdem möchte ich mit dem Schülerferienticket (bekomme ich dieses Jahr das letzte Mal) nach Berlin und Leipzig fahren und dort in coole Cafés und Second Hand Läden gehen.



Nachdem die Schule nun beendet ist, habe ich mir vorgenommen wieder drei Mal die Woche einen Beitrag online zu stellen und das hat diesen Monat zumindest schon teilweise geklappt. Im nächsten Monat mit schönen Urlaubsbildern wird das hoffentlich noch besser klappen!

Gepostet habe ich diesen Monat:


Alle hier genannten Veranstaltungen, Produkte, Restaurants usw. habe ich selbst bezahlt und es handelt sich um meine persönlichen Erfahrungen und Empfehlungen, die für mich keinem komerziellen Zweck dienen. 



Ich hoffe euch hat der Beitrag gefallen, auch wenn er etwas verspätet kommt! Was gibt es bei euch neues? Genießt ihr den Sommer in vollen Zügen?