Q&A – Backpacking Australia

Every day I get messages from travellers and future travellers asking me about my experiences and tips for backpacking through Australia. So I decided to write a blog post that I can refer to, so I don’t need to answer the same questions again and again.

Because there is a lot of information that I want to share with you, I decided to do a series of informative blog posts in the next weeks:

  1. Q&A – Backpacking Australia
  2. Q&A – Work & Travel Australia
  3. Q&A – Solo Travelling
  4. Q&A – AuPair in Australia
  5. Planning your own Work & Travel Year

So I hope I will answer as many questions in all these posts as possible and give you guys the information you may want and need for your own adventures.

If you have more questions or ideas what I should include into the following posts, please comment them down below or message me on Instagram @mind.wanderer


What have you done/seen so far?

I flew from Germany over Doha to Melbourne and stayed in the city for 2,5 weeks to settle in and also because I met some lovely people and my first friends on my journey that I am still in connection with now.


Afterwards, I did the Great Ocean Road and met two lovely German girls that I hang out with for a week in Adelaide afterwards.


Then I did another tour for 6 days that lead me through the Red Centre and Outback of Australia to see the famous Uluru / Ayers Rock.

From Alice Springs I flew to Sydney to spend a week with one of the German girls from the Great Ocean Road in Bondi Beach, Sydney before I had to say goodbye and welcome my Cousine Lisa to Australia that visited me for three weeks.


We spend 5 days in Sydney, went to the Blue Mountains and then started our journey to Brisbane with stops in Port Macquarie, Byron Bay and Surfers Paradise before we explored Brisbane for a few days and then flew back to Syndey.

When Lisa left me I wanted to take a flight to Perth, but it got cancelled and I had to stay in Bondi Beach for a few more days before I finally got to Western Australia.


I experienced one very lonely week in Perth and then went to another 6-day tour to Esperance and see Wave Rock, Margaret River and Albany before I returned to Perth and finally meet a nice girl from Korea that I hang out with for another week in Perth before I flew to Cairns.


In Cairns, I met my parents and brother after 3 months of travelling thousands of miles apart of them. We travelled three weeks with a campervan from Cairns to Sydney over Christmas and arrives for New Year’s Eve in Sydney to watch the world famous fireworks over the Harbour Bridge and Opera House. It was a lovely time together with them and I am very glad that I was lucky to spend some time with them, especially for the Holidays.

Afterwards, I stayed in Sydney for a few days before I started my journey along the East Coast for the third time, but solo travelling for the first time. I also now have a lot more time and can stop wherever I want.


So my first stop was Newcastle where I had two amazing days and wished I could stay longer because I got to meet and do Yoga together with @sjanaelise my favourite Yogi.


Afterwards, I went to Woolwolga aka Mojosurf Spot X where I did a surf camp for 5 days and learned to ride the waves which is so much fun!


Then I continued my journey to Byron Bay and was lucky to meet some amazing people in my hostel room that I hung out with for 6 days. It was an amazing time and I was glad to travel along with two guys to Surfers Paradise where I spend 5 more days with them and then finally met my first friend I met in Australia: Sabrina from Italy that I met in Melbourne again and we spend a wonderful weekend together.

Then I had three last days travelling and exploring Noosa on the Sunshine Coast before I met and moved in with my AuPair family that lives in Mudjimba on the Sunshine Coast and that I am now going to spend 1,5 month with.


Your favourite places?

Not a ranking, because I could never decide:

  • Byron Bay
  • Newcastle
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Fitzroy in Melbourne
  • Bondi Beach in Sydney


The best memories you made?

Again, I can’t rank them, but here are my favourites:

  • the time with Sabrina and James in Melbourne
  • the Twelve Apostles
  • Sleeping under the stars in the Outback on my Red Centre Tour
  • Living in Bondi Beach for a week
  • Travelling with my family and my cousine
  • Sailingtour on the Whitsundays
  • Snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef
  • Doing Yoga with @sjanaelise in Newcastle
  • Learning to surf
  • Lots of fun and a wonderful time with friends I met in Byron Bay
  • Spending four days with Sam, a Canadian guy, in Surfers Paradise
  • Weekend in Surfers with Sabrina and Keith
  • Experiencing having an Aussie family


Are you travelling solo?

Yes, I am mostly travelling alone, but I travelled three weeks together with my Cousine that visited me from Germany and three more weeks with my family that came over for a road trip along the East Coast over Christmas and New Years.

Sometimes, when I meet some nice people I stay together with them for a few days/ a week or two, but I have not found a long term travel buddy as I oftentimes everyone has their own plans and I prefer doing my thing.


Is there anything that you completely dislike about Australia / Backpacking / Work & Travel?

To be honest… there is only one thing that I don’t like and that is being away from my family and friends for so long. Everything else is only so small and gets defeated by all the great things here. And even being away and not seeing friends and family is so worth it for the life that I am living now… at least for a year.


What do you miss about Home/Germany (besides friends & family)?

I miss… German bread, a fridge with a variety of food, a kitchen to myself to cook, bake, test recipes with all the ingredients I need, my own bed and room for some privacy and relaxed & calm times alone, having a routine, cozy cold days for long winter walks, drinking tea and going to the sauna (at least for a weekend), my cat, not having to pack/live out of a backpack, always having washed and fresh clothes/towels if I need them.


What is the cheapest/best way to travel around?

As I am travelling alone the best way for me is taking a Hop-on-Hop-off bus. I can make as many stops as I want along the way and see all the places that I want to. The Greyhound bus is the more known Backpacker bus, but I am taking the Premier Motor Bus because it is a lot cheaper and besides that you don’t get Wifi it is just as good.

When you are travelling with a friend / a group it is for sure cheaper to rent or even buy a car/van because you can also sleep in it and save the costs for a hostel bed. And you are more free with the time and places you go to and can explore some unknown or further away places.

Where are you staying?

I usually stay in Hostels as they are easy to find and book everywhere in Australia.

With my cousin I stayed in AirBnBs which usually is a bit more expensive than a dorm hostel room but also more private and when you are lucky, book early or travel outside the season you may find some super cheap and very nice places.


When I travelled with a campervan with my family, we stayed at campgrounds. They are around 60$ per night but there are also free campgrounds or parking spots where free camping is not prohibited.

I also tried Couch surfing in Surfers Paradise with my friend Sabrina for the first time and had a great experience. She found the offer over Facebook and already stayed with this guy once and he invited us to stay with him again and took us on a little adventure in the rainforest to a waterfall and surfing at the beach on the Gold Coast. I hope to be able to do couch surfing more often as it is super interesting (and cheap) but you need to find good people that you feel safe with.

View from my hostel in Melbourne: The Nunnery.

Where do you book your hostels and what do you look for?

I always book over the Hostelworld App as they have a great overview over all hostels available at a destination for the time and you can choose the best/cheapest one over a rating, read about the hostel and see reviews of past travellers.

A nice central location, Wifi and maybe free breakfast is what I usually look for as well as a good price (between 22-35$ depending on weekend/weekdays, holidays, season and place) and then I read the comments to see if there are many bad reviews on the cleanness, kitchen, facilities and if the hostel is a major party hostel. But I always keep in mind that some travellers are just not used to hostel life and write bad reviews.

Sadly, I do not have the fitness (and body) like I used to have anymore…but at least I have a tan now :D

How do you try to stay healthy while travelling (and not having access to a full fridge and a variety of foods)?

As you know healthy, fitness and nutritious eating is very important to me. I try to live as healthy as I can while travelling, but that’s not always easy. Especially when you are meeting friends and going out with them or relying on the free breakfast or free food options that hostels have to save money.

When I cook and make food myself, I try to get as many nutrients and vitamins in as possible. Frozen veggies, fresh baby spinach, canned beans or lentils, seasonal fruit and oats are my staples. They are the cheapest and still wholefoods and nutritious.


I already made a blog post on some healthy, easy, cheap and vegan lunch/dinner meals and showed you my go-to healthy breakfast recipe, as well as a blog post on healthy and cheap food shopping in Australia. In the category ‚What I Eat‚ you also find some What I Eat in a Days from Melbourne or Perth.

I want to get my post-travelling body back, but on the other hand, I really want to enjoy my travels. So for now, I am eating and enjoying and working out a bit on the side.

For working out there has been a lot of up’s and downs on my travel. It’s not always easy to stay on track with it when you are moving places and cities a lot, trying to see and experience, meeting and hanging out with friends and not knowing where to go for a run or workout.

Best running view in Bondi Beach, Sydney.

It is definitely easier when you stay at one place for several days and can find a park to run in / workout like I did in Bondi Beach, Perth or Melbourne. As well as when you have an AirBnB hence space to do a home workout without fellow roommates staring weirdly at you.

A lot of parks here in Australia have some outdoor fitness devices which can be handy to use after a run or in addition to your bodyweight exercises. Some backpackers also join Gym chains that exist in whole Australia and that they can use wherever they are, but for me, that’s not worth the money and I rather go to a park.

The good thing is that you are usually very active when you travel, walk a lot or do hikes.


Surf camp was another thing that kept me fit and where I had a daily and very fun workout in the waves.

I also went to different Yoga classes which is another great and fun workout and if you look for good deals, it doesn’t have to be expensive. For example, in the Yoga Loft Newcastle I paid 20$ as a new member for as many classes as I wanted in 10 days. I only stayed there for 2 days and joined 3 classes, but it was still a good deal. In Byron Bay there was the option to join future Yoga teachers in a teaching practice class and I only paid 5$ for 90 minutes of yoga.

Some hostels also offer free Yoga once a week or at least Yoga mats to use for free.


What should I pack when backpacking Australia?

You can find my complete packing list for Australia here as well as a guide on what I have with me in my toiletry bag (that is mostly eco-friendly and very light packed as well).

There will be an update of my “What’s in my Backpack” soon when I am leaving my AuPair family as I will probably go shopping a bit now that I am settling down and I will give you some tips and suggestions that I learned travelling with under 15kg for over four months now.

Anything for Mom!

I love to hear how many people are planning to travel through Australia soon and I hope my tips and suggestions can help you a bit, take your insecurities and make you even more excited for your journey! If you are ever in the same area as I am (stay up to date through my Insta stories @mind.wanderer) please message me and maybe we can meet and hang out together!

If you have more questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below!


End of Summer | Tag

I’m sorry for the lack of posts the past couple of days but I’ve been busy organizing the last bits and spending lots of time with my friends.

Now I am currently on my way to Frankfurt as I am writing this. I literally cannot believe that my journey is finally starting, but before I get to all the new travel, Australia and backpacking content, I want to recap the last month.

Now that I am posting this, I already arrived in Melbourne :D So if you want to be up to date where I am and what I am doing, just follow me on Instagram!


This summer has been very special to me as I finished school and really got to enjoy it since mid-May already and it has been my dream escape almost every day at school in the past.

I finally was able to spend my time with whatever I wanted, work and earn money and of course, make beautiful memories.

And the great thing about it – my summer isn’t over yet. On the other side of the world, I’ll start again with spring so I can write another summer recap in March next year! :D


What Moment will stay in your memories forever?

There are several days that I won’t ever forget. The getaway to Vienna with Anna, many great nights with yummy food and laughs with my friends and the last weekend before I left home (that I’m going to tell you more about in my September review). But the probably most remarkable memory was dancing and singing together with my whole school year on my final prom. We danced to “We’re all in this together” from High School Musical and sung “I’ll always remember you” by Hannah Montana – ‘memories I’ll always save’!


What song did you listen to over and over?

There hasn’t been one particular song. Lots of Mogli, Grace Vanderwaal, Jacks Mannequin…


Favourite Food?

That’s even harder to decide than my favourite memory cause I ate sooo much good food. But to name three: Asian noodle salad with tofu and a sweet lime sauce in Leipzig, Lasagne with my best friends, vegan pizza with all the good veggies and selfmade pizza breads filled with spinach and cheese last weekend at my friend’s new apartment – and of course all the fresh sweet fruit!

What have you done for the first time this summer?

Worked in a beergarden or worked somewhere for money in general and it has been a great experience. I really loved the atmosphere at my work and if I can, I would definitely return!

But more importantly, there are many new things ahead of me: travelling alone for the first time, flying alone, going to Australia, backpacking, staying in hostel dorms…


Did you have a Bucket List for the Summer? Have you done it all?

Not really. I had some plans like going to Wernigerode where I plan to study or exploring Vienna with Anna. Making a travel video in Portugal with my brother (that is almost finished!) and spending time with my friends and enjoying the amazing weather – that I all fulfilled.


Favourite Quote?

I think this quote describes my summer and my whole life pretty perfectly at the moment – and I love it!


Your favourite picture from this summer

I’m really bad at deciding things like that… usually, decisions aren’t too hard for me but I suck at choosing one out of many loved ones, so I’ll just show you a few.


The pictures I took with Katja for the blog post: We drown in plastic.


This picture will always remember me of the hot summer evening we had in Vienna.


Pretty Food Pic’s I took with all the fresh yummy summer fruit!


Sunset pictures from Portugal that my brother took of me.


And last but not least this cute picture of my best friends an I at our final prom!

Best Concert?

I’ve only been to one concert this summer: Mogli in Leipzig and I wish I would have made it to the Lollapalooza in Berlin where I’ve had the best weekend last year, but it would’ve been too stressful with all the packing and preparing for Australia.


What is planned for the next Summer?

My summer is not over yet, but for the next European summer I’ll still be in Australia and flying to Bali in July, meeting my best friends there and exploring Indonesia and probably Singapore, Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Kuala Lumpur. But it’s nothing set.

Hoe was your summer? What have you done and what are your plans for next summer?

Herbst TAG | Q&A + Photography

Dieses Jahr ist das erste Mal, dass ich mich irgendwie richtig auf den Herbst freue und glücklich bin über rot-orange Blätter, (sonniges) Herbstwetter und und und…

In den letzten Jahren mischte sich da eher ein bitterer Beigeschmack mit unter, da Herbst bedeutet, dass der Sommer vorbei ist und ich liebe den Sommer! Für mich könnten unsere Jahreszeiten aus 2 Monaten Frühling, 8 Monaten Sommer, 2 Monaten Herbst und 2 Wochen Winter bestehen :D

Aber jetzt freue ich mich erstmal auf den Herbst, habe Vorfreude auf die Weihnachtszeit und hoffe es bleibt ganz ganz lange sonnig und ein freundlicher Herbst!

Foto 30.09.17, 10 42 14.jpg


Eine meiner Liebsten Bloggerinnen, die ich euch auch schon bei meinen September-Favoriten vorgestellt habe, hat letztens einen Herbst TAG gemacht und da ich diese Art von Q&A schon früher total geliebt habe, dachte ich es ist eine coole Idee mal selbst bei einem TAG mitzumachen.

Was magst du an der bevorstehenden Jahreszeit immer am meisten?

Ganz viel Tee trinken zu können ohne, dass einem zu heiß wird, süßer veganer heißer Kakao, ganz ganz viel Kürbissuppe, warmes Zimt-Porridge… also eigentlich hauptsächlich das leckere, warme und herbstliche Essen :D

Aber auch die Schönheit der gefärbten Blätter und Bäume in der Sonne und sich dick eingekuschelt, mit Tee ins Bett zu legen und ein gutes Buch zu lesen, während draußen ein Herbststurm tobt.


Worauf freust du dich speziell diesen Herbst? Hast du etwas vor, einen Urlaub, einen besonderen Termin, ein Event? 

Leider nein. Bei mir steht wirklich nichts besonderes cooles an. Ich schreibe haufenweise Klausuren und Tests, halte Vorträge… Alle meine Reisen und Events liegen leider schon wieder hinter mir. Ich war im Frühling in Straßburg, im Sommer in Namibia und in Budapest und erst im September auf dem Lollapalooza in Berlin. Zu Silvester geht es dann an die Ostsee und bis dahin könnten nur noch Spontane Trips oder Events dazu kommen.

Gehst du auf ein Konzert?

Damit hat sich auch diese Frage erledigt…

Foto 30.09.17, 11 05 19.jpg

Die besten Beauty Produkte für den Herbst…

In der kälteren Jahreszeit brauche ich immer Creme. Handcreme (am liebsten von Neutrogena, weil die so schön einzieht und reichhaltig ist), Fettcreme für meine Lippen habe ich ebenfalls immer in diesen kleinen Probe-Döschen die man bei Bodyshop manchmal bekommt abgefüllt und auch Bodylotion benutze ich nach jeder Dusche (ebenfalls die von Neutrogena!).

Welches Outfit könntest du im Herbst 24/7 tragen?

Die Frage ist ja nicht, was ich tragen werde, sondern was ich tragen könnte… Das wären die veganen Dr. Martens, dazu eine Strupfhose und einen schönen Kordrock oder aus einem anderen dickeren Stoff, einen schönen Strickpullover und einen warmen Mantel.

Foto 30.09.17, 11 37 31.jpg

Davon besitze ich aber nichts, also muss ich mit diesem Outfit aus Brandy Melville T-Shirt Dress, schwarzem H&M Pullover, Levis Jeansjacke und schwarzen Stiefelletten auskommen. Warum ich gerade kein Geld für neue Klamotten ausgeben möchte, habe ich hier erklärt…

Hast du eine Bucket List für den Herbst?

In meinen Monats Reviews sind jetzt immer Mini-Bucketlists für den nächsten Monat eingebaut, die ich dann bei meiner nächsten Review kontrolliere. Dazu kommen aber noch einige andere To-Do Punkte:

  1. neue (herbstliche) Rezepte testen
  2. einen Food Photography Kasten bauen
  3. regelmäßig Yoga machen
  4. unseren Urlaub für Mai, nach den Abi-Prüfungen, buchen
  5. meinen Flug nach Australien buchen

Foto 30.09.17, 12 05 38.jpg

Dein liebstes Ritual jeden Herbst?

Kürbissuppe! Es gibt einfach keinen Herbst ohne wöchentlich Kürbissuppe zu essen :D

Welche Bücher nimmst du dir für den Herbst vor?

Gerade lese ich für die Schule das Buch „Corpus Delicti“ von Juli Zeh und auch „Das Große Los“ von Meike Winnemuth möchte ich im Herbst beenden. Mehr nehme ich mir noch nicht vor, weil ich weiß, dass noch ein englisches Buch für den Unterricht dazu kommen wird.

Dein liebstes Foto aus den letzten Jahren Herbst?

Mein all-time liebstes Herbst Bild und das wird sich so schnell wohl auch nicht ändern. Ich finde es so so schön, fröhlich, sonnig, herbstlich…


Was hörst du im Herbst?

Eine witzige Antwort wäre jetzt Weihnachtslieder :D Aber das stimmt nicht.

Wie ich schon erwähnt habe, liebe ich die Musik von Mumford & Sons und Two Door Cinema Club und habe beide auch auf dem Lollapalooza gesehen.

Eine unglaublich tolle Sängerin, die ich euch aber auch unbedingt vorstellen möchte, ist Grace Vanderwaal. Sie ist die Gewinnerin von Americas Got Talent, gerade mal 13 Jahre alt und hat die unglaublichste Stimme überhaupt. Ich liebe ihre Lieder, ihre Texte (selbstgeschrieben!) und die Musik, die sie mit ihrer Ukulele macht. Schaut euch unbedingt dieses Video von ihr an!

Foto 30.09.17, 14 46 55.jpg

Außerdem möchte ich diesen herbstlichen Post dazu nutzen, um euch die ersten Bilder von meinem Tag mit der lieben Anna von annaverburg.com zu zeigen. Wir haben uns bei mir in Magdeburg getroffen und sind umhergeschlendert, haben viele Bilder zusammen gemacht, uns ausgetauscht und waren lecker bei Crops, einem veganen Bistro essen.

Ganz viele weitere Bilder von unseren verschiedenen Shootingorten wird es bald in weiteren Blogposts geben!

Foto 30.09.17, 10 42 03.jpg

Wie findet ihr TAG’s? Sollte ich mal wieder so ein thematisches Q&A mitmachen?