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I’m sorry for the lack of posts the past couple of days but I’ve been busy organizing the last bits and spending lots of time with my friends.

Now I am currently on my way to Frankfurt as I am writing this. I literally cannot believe that my journey is finally starting, but before I get to all the new travel, Australia and backpacking content, I want to recap the last month.

Now that I am posting this, I already arrived in Melbourne :D So if you want to be up to date where I am and what I am doing, just follow me on Instagram!


This summer has been very special to me as I finished school and really got to enjoy it since mid-May already and it has been my dream escape almost every day at school in the past.

I finally was able to spend my time with whatever I wanted, work and earn money and of course, make beautiful memories.

And the great thing about it – my summer isn’t over yet. On the other side of the world, I’ll start again with spring so I can write another summer recap in March next year! :D


What Moment will stay in your memories forever?

There are several days that I won’t ever forget. The getaway to Vienna with Anna, many great nights with yummy food and laughs with my friends and the last weekend before I left home (that I’m going to tell you more about in my September review). But the probably most remarkable memory was dancing and singing together with my whole school year on my final prom. We danced to “We’re all in this together” from High School Musical and sung “I’ll always remember you” by Hannah Montana – ‘memories I’ll always save’!


What song did you listen to over and over?

There hasn’t been one particular song. Lots of Mogli, Grace Vanderwaal, Jacks Mannequin…


Favourite Food?

That’s even harder to decide than my favourite memory cause I ate sooo much good food. But to name three: Asian noodle salad with tofu and a sweet lime sauce in Leipzig, Lasagne with my best friends, vegan pizza with all the good veggies and selfmade pizza breads filled with spinach and cheese last weekend at my friend’s new apartment – and of course all the fresh sweet fruit!

What have you done for the first time this summer?

Worked in a beergarden or worked somewhere for money in general and it has been a great experience. I really loved the atmosphere at my work and if I can, I would definitely return!

But more importantly, there are many new things ahead of me: travelling alone for the first time, flying alone, going to Australia, backpacking, staying in hostel dorms…


Did you have a Bucket List for the Summer? Have you done it all?

Not really. I had some plans like going to Wernigerode where I plan to study or exploring Vienna with Anna. Making a travel video in Portugal with my brother (that is almost finished!) and spending time with my friends and enjoying the amazing weather – that I all fulfilled.


Favourite Quote?

I think this quote describes my summer and my whole life pretty perfectly at the moment – and I love it!


Your favourite picture from this summer

I’m really bad at deciding things like that… usually, decisions aren’t too hard for me but I suck at choosing one out of many loved ones, so I’ll just show you a few.


The pictures I took with Katja for the blog post: We drown in plastic.


This picture will always remember me of the hot summer evening we had in Vienna.


Pretty Food Pic’s I took with all the fresh yummy summer fruit!


Sunset pictures from Portugal that my brother took of me.


And last but not least this cute picture of my best friends an I at our final prom!

Best Concert?

I’ve only been to one concert this summer: Mogli in Leipzig and I wish I would have made it to the Lollapalooza in Berlin where I’ve had the best weekend last year, but it would’ve been too stressful with all the packing and preparing for Australia.


What is planned for the next Summer?

My summer is not over yet, but for the next European summer I’ll still be in Australia and flying to Bali in July, meeting my best friends there and exploring Indonesia and probably Singapore, Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Kuala Lumpur. But it’s nothing set.

Hoe was your summer? What have you done and what are your plans for next summer?

13 Reasons Why I love Summer

This summer has been an absolute blast for me! Sunshine and hot temperatures since April and I can’t get enough of it. A summer that I thought I could just dream of – especially now that I don’t have to go to school anymore and can really enjoy my free time.


I also work in a beer garden where we only open when it’s good weather and that means I already worked a lot (but also that you are bloody sweaty after 9 hours of dragging crates and making coffee.


Since I am going to the southern hemisphere at the end of September I am going to escape fall and winter in Germany and enjoy another wonderful spring and summer and the amazing weather in Australia. Which means one and a half year of good weather and lots of sunshine for me – can’t complain about that!



Sunshine! It’s proven that vitamin D (which our bodies produce with the help of sunlight) increases our energy and level of happiness and I can immediately feel that when sunbeams touch my skin.



Watering our garden barefoot! One of my favorite things to do in our garden (next to chilling at the pool obviously :D ) is walking barefoot through our garden, feel the grass underneath my feet, the warm earth between my toes, carrying a watering can and watering our flowers, tomato-, strawberry-, raspberry- and zucchini plants. The only problem is that you need to have an eye on the ground because last year I stepped on a bee and got stung in my toe and couldn’t properly walk for two weeks…


Laying in the sun at our pool! (or at the lake/ beach) Reading books, eating tons of watermelon and drinking homemade smoothies or milkshakes. Jumping in the pool to refresh. That’s how I could spend every day.

Eating outside! Something that we haven’t done a lot this year because there are a lot of wasps this summer, but it’s still one of my favorite things to do. Soaking in some morning sun sitting at our watercourse and enjoying the peace. Or having dinner with the family, eating garden tomatoes and zucchini or vegan sausages from the barbecue.



Hot summer rain! After a beautiful sunny morning, clouds overcast the blue blue sky and it starts to rain. It’s still warm outside, the ground is heated up but the raindrops slowly cool down the air and it smells like hot summer rain.


Eating fresh fruits and veggies! From our garden, freshly picked or grown under the south European sun. That’s what I could eat all day long. Watermelon, Strawberries, Mangoes, Grapefruit, Raspberries, Peaches, Nectarines, Blackberries, Grapes, Blueberries…

Dry in the sunshine! The tingling feeling of ocean or pool water evaporating by the heat and sunshine.

Riding my bike on mild afternoons! The sun is about to set, painting the sky in red, orange, violet and pink colors. Warm air is caressing my naked skin and blows through my hair. And I am just driving through the silent streets and not wanting to arrive at my destination.

Doing Yoga in the grass! Feeling the earth underneath, being grounded and touched by the sunlight.


Summertime means vacation time & traveling! Two or three weeks in another country, on the road with my family. Laying at the beach, exploring streets and enjoying life.

Sleeping with windows wide open! Hearing the birds in the morning, the wind blowing through the trees and smelling the uprising day.

Short pans and dress weather! Not having to put on jackets or shoes before going outside, wearing bikinis all day and just putting on a dress and sandals and your good to go.


The Smell of Summer! Sunscreen, chlorine, saltwater, seaweed, freshly mown grass, homemade strawberry jam, flowers, warm earth, fruit, hay and fields, summer rain…

I know that there are some people who are already done with all the heat and wish for some colder temperatures, but I’m totally fine with that. Especially when we have some warm summer rain here and there – that smell is just incredible, right?


What do you think about this summer? Do you love the heat and all the sunshine we have this year as well?

What I Eat on a Hot Summer Day #19

Summer is the best time for fresh healthy food. So much variety, lots of garden produce and local produce, the prices are affordable and because of the heat you just want to eat fresh food.



Right now I am soo addicted to watermelon. I could literally eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and as a snack. I mean, what can I say – it’s sweet, fruity and so refreshing!


In Portugal, I fell in love with grapefruit because they taste so sour-sweet and fresh.

Peaches, Nectarines, Mangoes and all kinds of Berries are some more favorites that I can’t get enough of! Fruit is all I crave at the moment and I can not understand how people do a keto or low carb diet and not eat fruit in summer. I would not be okay with that. I love fruit just way too much!

How about you? Do you eat lots of fruit at the moment or do you try to get away from all the fruit sugar? 



The last few weeks after our trip to Portugal I tried to eat very clean, vegan and healthy because I didn’t eat that well on vacation (lots of white bread and cheese) and I did okay. Not as I hoped, but I ate out with friends a lot (basically all vegan at least) but still bread and cheese here and there and the last days I also craved chocolate every night… But I also tell myself that I won’t have access to a lot of the food I can eat now when I am in Australia cause I need to buy cheap – so I let myself have it all now :D


My breakfast still looks pretty much the same: some porridge, lots of fruit and sometimes a bit vegan lupin mango yogurt. I often have an extra bowl of watermelon or other fruit on the side as well.


Then for lunchtime, I sometimes have more fruit, a big salad with garden tomatoes and cucumbers or a wrap depending on how late I ate breakfast and how hungry I am. I really like to have cold food for lunch because at 36°C it’s just too much to cook something or eat warm food and wraps and salads are a great way to get some greens in as well!


Now that we super many tomatoes from our garden we love to roast thick slices in a pan on both sides an then put it on a bread with hummus. Or you can also put some feta cheese on top and wait one more minute until it gets warm as well. Tastes freaking amazing and I can highly recommend making these hot tomatoes to top your bread.

Sometimes we have some tofu with it or some fresh cucumber and chives from the garden.


As I already mentioned I craved chocolate after dinner and I let myself enjoy some vegan chocolate. It’s not healthy and clean at all, but I still want to be honest with you.


Luckily I bought silken tofu today at the Asia market and now I can make my healthy vegan chocolate dessert mousse again to have something chocolaty but still healthy when I crave it.