Cheap, Healthy, Vegan – Dinner Recipes for Healthy Backpackers on a Budget

Back home it was my goal to stay healthy and fit while still enjoying myself on my travels. I also wanted to go completely vegan when I am solo travelling through Australia because I knew I would have to cook for myself anyway and there wouldn’t be cheese or any cooked meals by my mom that could disturb me from staying vegan…

In reality, it sometimes is a bit hard, because some hostels offer free breakfast like pancakes or you want to try something new, but I managed to be mostly vegan and cook only vegan myself.

In this blog post, I want to share a few recipes that I have been loving and re-cooking a lot in the past two months of travelling as they are healthy, nutritious, quick to make, vegan and still very cheap. I hope you like the inspiration of some yummy meals that are not just great for backpackers, but for everyone who wants to have some quick and easy wholesome meals!

Cheesy Vegan Pasta

What you need: pasta of your choice, classic hummus, garlic, onion, salt, broccoli (or other veggies of your liking), nutritional yeast (*optional, I was lucky to find that in the free food shelve of a hostel, I wouldn’t have bought it as it is pretty expensive)

How to: boil the pasta with added salt in the water, simmer your broccoli florets in lightly salted water, chop the onion and garlic into small pieces and let them boil in a bit of pasta water, then add two big scoops of hummus and make a creamy sauce, then add the pasta and broccoli and nutritional yeast to make it even more cheesy – but it also tastes great without it.


I also made that sauce with spinach and chopped tomatoes instead of the broccoli and that’s delicious as well!

Wraps à la whatever you fancy

Wraps were the go-to meal for me and my travel buddy Meike that I met on the Great Ocean Road Tour. We literally had them every day when we didn’t eat out. Super healthy, quick, easy to prepare for several days and you can fill them with whatever you love.

We always bought the green spinach wraps (they have them everywhere here) and always added hummus and fresh spinach. Everything else varied from what we wanted / what was on sale in the stores: tofu fried with soy sauce, veggie pan with onion, zucchini, mushrooms, paprika, sweet corn, beans, chickpeas… sometimes we added fresh tomatoes or paprika, as well as avocado.

There are so many options! We always looked what we could get cheap and made a big batch of the filling and stored it in food boxes for several days to heat up every night and just add some of the fresh ingredients… eh voilà! Quick & easy dinner or lunch.


Veggies & Beans in Tomato Sauce

Another dish that I frequently eat because it is super healthy, easy, quick and cheap is frozen veggies (I love the mix of carrot, broccoli, cauliflower and peas) with mixed beans, just kidney beans or even baked beans (they already have the tomato sauce which is handy), I chop up some onion and season everything with whatever I find in the hostel or just salt and I love adding nutritional yeast to it as well.

This is a yummy dish with fewer carbs which is great, but I oftentimes eat avocado toast/corn cakes with it or it also tastes amazing to add some baked potatoes (or rice) to keep you full for longer.


A great snack that I love to have on hand is carrots with hummus. I snack on them all the time! Hummus is only 2$ for 200g and you get 1kg of carrots for around 1$ so it’s super cheap.


Vegan Bolognese

Another great pasta dish is Bolognese but made with lots of onion, carrot and scrambled tofu. The cheapest way to get tofu is at the Asian market. You can either use already seasoned tomato sauce or spice it yourself if you have herbs like basil, oregano and paprika on hand.

Ingredients: pasta of your choice, onion and garlic, salt & pepper, carrot, tofu, soy sauce and tomato sauce, olive oil and other herbs (*optional)

Instruction: boil the pasta in salt water, chop up the onion and garlic and fry it with olive oil in a pan, add the carrots and a splash of water and let it simmer until slightly soft, cut the tofu into small pieces and drizzle soy sauce to give it taste, add the tofu and tomato sauce (+ a little more water if needed) and taste with salt, pepper and other herbs

Super delicious and great to prepare for several meals in advance. You can also add bell pepper, fresh tomatoes or spinach to make it even healthier!


We also used leftover „pasta sauce“ as a wrap filling with capsicum, fresh spinach, hummus and tomato chutney.

What do you think about these kinds of blog posts? Do you prefer fancy food posts with pretty pictures or these easy going quick & easy recipes? Do you have ideas for me what to eat that is cheap and still healthy?



Quick Healthy Vegan Chocolate Dessert

Yesterday I showed you my Chocolate Dessert on Insta-Stories and because I got some questions on how to make it and what’s in it, I thought I would quickly post the recipe on here.

This will also be my first English recipe on my blog and I hope I will find the time to translate them all one day, but this for sure won’t happen in the next year. At least you can use the Google Translate option in my sidebar and hopefully still understand what I am talking about :D



A while ago I found Silken Tofu at the Asia market and wanted to test this Healthy Vegan Chocolate Mousse Dessert with it. It’s not only super delicious, chocolaty and creamy but still healthy and protein-rich, it’s also made in only 10 Minutes and with only 5 ingredients.

(The silken tofu can also be found in organic stores or maybe even big supermarkets.)


For 2 big portions, you will need
  • 300g silken tofu
  • 50g dark vegan chocolate (60%)
  • 2-3 tbsp organic raw cacao powder
  • 3-4 tbsp maple syrup
  • pinch vanilla extract
  • toppings of choice (dark chocolate flakes, berries, coconut flakes, banana slices…)


How to make it
  1. Cut the tofu block in small pieces and mix it with a blender or kitchen mixer on high speed for around 5 minutes until you have a smooth consistency.
  2. Melt the dark chocolate on low heat in a pot on the stove – be careful to not burn it!
  3. Add the melted chocolate and the other ingredients and blend them together.
  4. Taste test if you want your dessert to be more chocolaty or sweeter. If you’re happy with the result add your toppings of choice and enjoy!

This Chocolate Mousse is perfect to satisfy your chocolate cravings in a healthy way!




I am pretty sure it is possible to make any kind of flavored dessert with the silken tofu like berry, peanut butter or lime and I am definitely going to test more recipes with it. Silken tofu can also be used in vegan cheesecakes or chocolate mousse tarts.

How do you like my first recipe in the English language? Will you try this dessert yourself? Are you interested in more healthy snack recipes? 

Quick & Healthy ’nana Muffins to Use Up Ripe Bananas | Vegan

Nicht selten passiert es, dass man einen kleinen süßen Snack am Nachmittag oder Unterwegs in der Schule / Uni / auf Arbeit begehrt.

Wer versucht sich gesund (und vegan?) zu ernähren möchte dann aber nicht auf die Verlockungen beim Bäcker oder im Supermarkt, die voll von Industriezucker und Fett sind, zurück greifen.


Ich habe deshalb gern immer irgendeine gesunde Alternative im Haus. Eine Möglichkeit, die man auch Unterwegs einfach besorgen kann ist Obst. Aber wenn man mal wirklich Lust auf was „Süßes“ hat, reicht das manchmal nicht aus. Zum Glück gibt es bereits viele gesunde Riegel mit wertvollen Inhaltsstoffen zu kaufen.

Trotzdem geht nichts gegen ein paar selbstgemachte Muffins, die lediglich aus 6 Zutaten bestehen und in 10 Minuten zusammengerührt und in weiteren 15 Minuten fertig sind.

Sie eignen sich super um sehr reife Bananen zu verarbeiten und sind dank ihrer kleinen Form noch praktischer zum Mitnehmen als reguläres Bananenbrot.

Das Rezept ist angelehnt an ein altes (allerdings nicht veganes) Bananen-Muffin Rezept von mir. Wenn ihr euch noch an diese Bilder erinnern könnt, dann seid ihr wirklich schon lange dabei :)
  • 2 reife Bananen (einige Scheiben zum dekorieren übriglassen)
  • 3 EL feine Haferflocken
  • 2 EL Buchweizenmehl (oder anderes)
  • 2 EL veganen Joghurt oder Quark (oder Apfelmark)
  • 2 EL Pflanzenmilch
  • etwas Zimt

Wenn ihr noch mehr reife Bananen habt, dann doppelt das Rezept einfach und friert einige Muffins nach dem auskühlen ein (wenn ihr sie nicht alle auf ein Mal verputzen könnt :P )

Ich hatte ebenfalls eine Löffelspitze Backpulver und Natron in den Teig gegeben. Die Muffins sind dann beim Backen auch schön hochgekommen, danach aber wieder zusammengefallen :D Deshalb ist das nicht unbedingt nötig.


Das tolle an diesem Rezept ist, dass es sich wunderbar variieren und verändern lässt! Ihr könnt, wie ich, ein paar Blaubeeren oben in den Teig drücken. Ein bisschen Erdnussbutter und/oder dunkle Schokoladensplitter hinzufügen oder wie bei meinem Bananenbrot mit Himbeeren einige tiefkühl Himbeeren zermatschen und anstelle des Joghurts/Apfelmarks als fruchtig-frischen Zusatz unterrühren.


  1. Die Bananen mit einem Rührgerät zu brei verarbeiten und alle Zutaten hinzufühen und zu einem Teig verrühren.
  2. Den Ofen auf 180°C Umluft vorheitzen.
  3. Den Teig in Förmchen verteilen (relativ voll, da die Muffins nur wenig aufgehen) und mit Bananenscheiben verziehen.
  4. Für 12-15 Minuten backen bis bei der Stäbchenprobe nichts hängen bleibt, der Teig aber trotzdem noch schön saftig aussieht.


Die Muffins sind unglaublich saftig und schön natürlich süß – obwohl sie komplett ohne Zucker oder Zuckeralternative sind. Sie schmecken so gut und wer mag kann sie auch noch mit veganer Schokocreme oder Marmelade verfeinern.

Ich freue mich immer riesig, wenn ihr meine Rezepte testet! Also schreibt mir unbedingt und sendet ein Foto davon :)