My First Video from Australia – Melbourne & The Great Ocean Road

I am so excited to finally share my very first video from Australia with you!

I planned to film and vlog a lot here, but it is harder than I thought to keep on track and also find time to edit. Especially because I have never done it before and needed to start from the beginning.

But now I am super motivated as I had so much fun looking back on my old video clips from the beginning of my journey and making it into a wonderful memory, so there will be a lot more videos following soon!

I already planned to make one from my Outback adventures and I started to vlog and talk in my videos as well now, so there will be vlogs coming soon!

I hope you are just as excited as I am and curious to see more than just text and pictures on here.

To make my own filming and your watching experience even better, I am grateful to have my brother with me for the next three weeks, who is into videography as well. And I am planning to buy a new GoPro for some great action and underwater footage, as well as using my brother’s drone for some awesome landscape views.
So there will be a lot of great new content from us coming soon! So make sure to follow us both on our YouTube channels and Instagram accounts!

I hope you are just as keen to see what will come and if you have any suggestions, tips or ideas for my videos, please leave them in the comments as I really would love to improve!


New Motivation & Inspiration | Favourites

This month I fell in love with a few new things: people (or their Instagram accounts), food (as per usual) and products that I want to share with you today.

I guess this will be the last Favourites blog post for now because I’ll be travelling with a backpack soon so I won’t have a lot of new things to share with you. Probably there will be a section in my monthly review with my loved ones I discover in Australia so I can tell you about them.


Do you already have any blog post / video suggestions that you want me to make in Australia?

I want to start doing videos and obviously still write articles on here so tell me what you are interested in down below in the comments!

I am thankful for relaxed evenings with good conversations, to spend time with people whom company I enjoy and for sure will miss when I’m Down Under.



I got a few new and old favourites that I want to show you, cause there is nothing better than food – am I right? Also, I am going to share the recipe for my green-protein-smoothie I made a lot in the last weeks and you’ve probably seen it in my Instagram Stories & for my favourite salad dressing that makes all the greens taste great!


I really like eating salad for lunch because I usually have a huge breakfast (like you see above) pretty late in the day cause I work out in the morning. Also, it is a great way to get all raw greens in. Sometimes I have baked sweet potato and steamed broccoli on the side or more raw veggies like tomatoes, cucumber and bell pepper. But my dressing is always the same because I love this combination so much!

Fresh Sweet & Sour Salad Dressing

All measurements are just roughly measured and it depends on how you like it to taste and how much salad you have.

  • 1 tsp olive or flaxseed oil
  • 2 tsp mustard
  • 1,5 tbsp raspberry vinegar (I use a homemade one) or other fruity vinegar
  • 1,5 tsp maple syrup
  • 1 tsp tahini
  • pepper

I really love the sour but fruity & sweet taste of this dressing and it fits perfectly to any kind of veggies & greens.

Black Smoothie

We have a lot of Kale in our Garden and because Kale is super healthy and has so many vitamins I try to have a green / almost black smoothie about 3 times a week and get all those greens in. Especially when I don’t have a salad for lunch.

  • 3 handful of fresh kale
  • 1 frozen banana
  • some frozen blueberries
  • sweet fruit like watermelon, pineapple or apple
  • half a jar of coconut water
  • half a tsp of each greens powder (I use Moringa, Barley Grass & Camu Camu)

I really like this combination cause it is cold and refreshing, nourishing but doesn’t taste too green/healthy. Do you like drinking green smoothies as well?


In Berlin I ate a super yummy wrap with black rice, tofu and a tahini sauce. I never ate round black rice before (not the hard, thin one you mix with basmati rice) and it tasted so good, very flavourful and now I want to cook with it at home. I could imagine it in a salad with greens, cucumber, pepper, smoked tofu and a tahini sauce…


I also discovered a vegan „Mortadella“ and I really love it. It almost tastes like the real one (even my dad & brother like it!) and it’s perfect if you crave something savoury but not veggie-tasting on your bread. I eat it with a bit avocado as a butter substitute and I can highly recommend you to try it if you like substitutes.





I just recently discovered @maddielymburner on YouTube and now she is my number 1 inspiration when it comes to health, veganism, food and fitness. She is so lovely, healthy and fit and her videos really motivate me a lot and give great inspiration for meals. She also has a second Instagram account that is more fitness related @madfit.ig as well as a second YouTube Channel where she posts at home workouts that I’ve been doing since two weeks now and I really love them!

I am totally inspired by the idea of minimalism and don’t owning a lot – just what you really need. Something that I want to work on more when I’ll be back from Australia. I am sure it will be a great start to only travel with a backpack for a year and hopefully, it won’t be hard to declutter because I know that I can live a wonderful life without many things I own.

Raw Alignment and her minimalism series on YouTube really inspire me, as well as Pick up Limes, who is another great inspiration!


I found this picture on Pinterest and that’s truely how I want all my relationships to be… This picture really speaks to my heart and soul.

Last but not least I completely fell in love with @annietarasova she is such an inspiring soul and her travel photography and also videography is just beautiful. She also creates amazing art and inspires in mindfulness, self-love and more!

What are your favourites this month? Who inspires you to work towards your goals, learn & grow?

My Favorite Vegan YouTubers You Need to Watch

Im meinen Monatsfavoriten stelle ich euch regelmäßig Blogs, YouTube-und Instragram-Accounts vor, die ich liebe. In diesem Beitrag soll es sich speziell um meine Inspirationen zum Veganismus auf YouTube handeln.

Ähnliche Beiträge mit meinen Liebsten Reise-Instragram-Accounts oder auch Accounts zum Thema Fashion und auch Blogs über Bloggen habe ich euch schon empfohlen. Heute geht es um ein Thema, zu dem ich mich total gerne weiterbilde und inspirieren lasse und euch ebenso dazu anregen möchte…


Auf meinem zweiten Instagram Account @neverstopexploringfood teile ich ebenfalls mit euch (hauptsächlich) veganes Essen, schreibe dazu meine Gedanken oder zeige euch in meinen Stories, wie mein alltägliches Essen aussieht :)

Ich liebe es auf YouTube What I Eat in a Day Videos anzusehen, mich von den schnellen und einfachen Rezepten inspirieren zu lassen und Ideen für meine eigenen Gerichte zu sammeln. Außerdem liebe ich Vlogs oder Informative Videos zu verschiedenen Themen.

Ich schaue auch überhaupt kein Fernsehen oder Serien und auch so gut wie nie Filme. Diese sind sicherlich gut für die Unterhaltung, aber bei YouTube Videos kann ich zu Themen, die mich interessieren, so viel lernen und das ist meiner Meinung nach wesentlich sinnvoller!


Sie ist wahrscheinlich meine allerliebste Youtuberin überhaupt! So eine große Motivation wenn es um gesund Ernährung, Rezepte und Fitness geht und ihre Persönlichkeit ist ebenso eine große Motivation. Wirklich ein von innen heraus strahlender Mensch und das macht ihre Videos so wunderbar!


Ich liebe die Bilder und Videos von Bonny Rebecca! Sie eine meiner Hauptinspirationen was Veganismus angeht und ihre positive Ausstrahlung macht Freude :)


Die Videos von Ellen Fisher sind nicht nur total interessant sondern auch so so wunderschön und inspirierend. Sie ist so ein wundervolles Vorbild – für ihre Kinder und für all ihre Zuschauer.

Sie lebt mit ihren 2 (bald 3!!!) Kindern und ihrem Mann auf Hawaii. Sie ist vegan und sehr umweltbewusst was Konsum, Plastik usw. angeht. Deswegen ist sie für mich auch ein wundervolles Vorbild in Sachen Minimalismus – ein Thema, welches mich total fasziniert und mit dem ich mich gerne noch mehr beschäftigen möchte.


Sarah Lemkus ist ebenfalls wie Ellen eine vegane Mutter, die allerdings in Neuseeland lebt und ebenso ein tolles Vorbild in Sachen veganer Kindererziehung, Minimalismus und vor allem auch in Ernährung ist.

Sarah kennt sich so so gut mit Nutrition aus und ich freue mich, von ihr noch sehr viel dazu lernen zu können und liebe es, ihrer Tochter Beth dabei zuzusehen, wie sie aufwächst!


Liv B ist eine YouTuberin, die ich nicht regelmäßig schaue, die aber die allerbesten Rezept und What I Eat in a Day Videos macht! Ihre Gerichte sind immer super einfach und schnell gezaubert, dass das Kochen einfach nur Freude macht und man nicht schon beim zusehen keine Lust mehr auf das Machen bekommt :D

Habt ihr noch tolle vegane YouTuber, die auf meiner Liste fehlen und von denen ihr total begeistert seid?? Ich Freue mich unheimlich über noch mehr Inspiration!